Show off those Peak Gains

What up everyone, welcome back. This is PeakDays, where I talk about  how to achieve those peak gains and make every day a peak day. I have done a lot of posts on here about how to get those peak gains. I have went over pushups, workout clothing and even boosters for your workouts, so I think it is time for this post. Today we will be discussing how you can show off those peak gains. That’s what we all want them for isn’t it? When you are 27 and working in an office job there is no other reason really. You need to buy some clothes to show off those new guns, so why not save money while doing it and get them from like I do. That way you can save some money for your next gym membership.

Sunglasses, polo

To the Beach

If you are going to be showing off those sweet pipes that you spent all spring and winter working on, you may as well go somewhere they will be appreciated. Grab yourself a pair of cheap sunglasses for sale on and head down to the beach. With all the sun and sand you will have no choice to take that top off and let the guns out of their holsters. Even better, grab a jeep or sports car from Budget car rentals and slowly cruise up and down the beach like you are looking for somewhere to park. There will no doubt be some girls waving at you when you slow down. Heck, if you do this right you might not even need to go to the beach, you can head out for ice cream of coffee instead.

muscle shirt

The Dog Park

This one only works if you have a dog, otherwise you just look like a try hard. So once you have your little (or hopefully big) poochie with you, head out to your local dog park with a nice muscles shirt on( the funny ones at might do even better than normal). Just walk around the park, play with your dog a bit. Maybe even throw the ball across the park and show off those massive delts. Whatever you are doing, just make sure you are noticeable and that your dog looks cute. Oh, and don’t be alarmed if the girls talk to the dog before talking to you.

peak gains

Have fun out There

If you follow these tips, you will easily be able to show off those peak gains and hopefully encourage others to follow the same mantra. Work hard, eat good and play hard. I hope this was an enjoyable post for everyone, and if you liked reading this we have plenty more posts for you to read up on. Why not read my post from last month about the Toronto Maple Leafs playoff run. Talk to you again soon folks.