Types of Pushups

Hey fellow beasts, how are we all doing today? Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog Peak days and Peak games. Today I wanted to talk about a type of workouts called calisthenics, which are exercise that use you own body weight as resistance. More specifically I wanted to talk about the most beginner calisthenics exercise, push ups. Pushups are usually the first exercise that children learn to perform, but unfortunately correct form is not always taught. When you master the proper pushup form then you can branch out to different types of push ups that utilize different muscles.

Basic Pushups

The basic pushups is with your hands shoulder width apart, and both your hand and feet level. Keep your hands flat and your back straight.

Wide Grip Pushups

Pretty simple, extend your grip past your shoulder. This forces your chest to work harder and lets your triceps and shoulder relax more.

Narrow Grip Pushups

Another simple one, just move your hands increasingly towards each other until you have difficulties. The goal is to have you hands only inches apart.

T Pushup

A full body workout, you start by performing a normal pushup but then raise one hand off the ground and straight into the air, making a T shape with your body.

Single Leg Pushups

Raise one leg onto the ankle of the other and perform a set of pushups.

Feet Elevated Pushups

Find a hard surface slightly above the ground and place your feet on that with your hands resting on the ground. This will emphasize using your chest, core and shoulders.

There are so, so many more types of pushups you can do that utilize various muscles or muscles groups, I couldn’t begin to talk about the advanced styles. Try these ones for now, and maybe in a couple weeks I will post some more. Until then, enjoy yourself and have a peak day.

Pushup form