Welcome to my Sports/Fitness Blog

Hey everyone, my name is Jerome and this is my sports and fitness blog, Peak days and Peak games. For those of you who don’t know what a peak day is, a peak day is when you accomplish everything that you could have. I usually apply this to working out, when you perform at your absolute peak. It is the same thing when you are competing in a sport, you want to have a peak game where you perform at your highest level possible. To get these peak results sometimes you have to try extremely hard, and sometimes it comes a lot more naturally.

That is why I have created this blog, to help teach people what they need to do in order to achieve their peak day. It will include workout plans, meal plans, nutritional information, rehabilitation techniques and so much more. Maybe if I have a slow day I might even talk about other people playing sports. If you ever think that there is something I should talk about but haven’t then just sent me a private message and I will look into it as well. Hope to see you all back soon!