Best Workout Boosters for 2017

Hey everyone, welcome back to the best sports and fitness blog there is, peak days and peak games. I had to go and buy myself some new workout booster the other day, and it seems all the ones I used before are not available now. So I spent a lot of time deliberating over different workout boosters and found these ones that are the best of the batch for 2017.

Muscletech Anarchy

If you like to get a nice energy boost before your workout like I do, then this inexpensive tub of goodness may be just for you. Each tiny 5 gram per serving dose contains 198 mg of caffeine, 100 mg of choline bitartrate and 20 mg yohimbe. Of course there are other things in it, but not much else that will impact your workout. This is great for someone who wants an energy booster for their workout, but doesn’t want any strength or endurance boosters.

 muscletech booster

Betancourt B-Nox

This used to be a lot more powerful of a workout enhancer, but the active ingredients have since been cut in half. It is still a great booster, with multi-creatine power alongside stimulants, a good pump matric, and natural testosterone ignition. This thing will make you big, angry and strong.

Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK

This is the only workout booster on the market that enhances our experience while at the gym and directly contributes to increased lean muscles gain post workout. BULK give you some incredible focus and energy at the same time you are lifting with pump induced muscles. Not only do you get the pump and the energy, but you get some massive endurance benefits as well.

If you are in the market for a new workout booster, then check these ones out at your local supplement store. You will not be disappointed, and I will promise you that. Enjoy yourselves everyone, and have a peak day.