While there has now been enough time for the release of Hogwarts Legacy to rest, there will be many who are now joining the game, whether through offers or whatever. It is clear, next month premieres on switch (later on PS4 and Xbox One), so we thought it was important that you know 10 things the game doesn’t tell you what you can do.

It should be noted that we have included a selection of useful things and some interesting detailsbut in all cases, we wanted avoid spoilers as much as possible.

You can use Broom’s Revelio

Revealed! you will hear this word thousands of times throughout your Hogwarts Legacy adventure. One of the things you can do to make the most of while exploring the world map is use it from a broom.

When using it in the airthe spell has much more reach. This allows you to unlock areas much easier than walking.

Ron’s robe in Goblet of Fire

There is a very clear Easter eggs referring to The Goblet of Firethe fourth tape (we refer to the film and not the free one because it is a completely visual detail) in the fashion tunic clothing. the game happens at the beginning of the 20th century, so this outfit is very fashionable. However, it is the same tunic Ron would wear almost a century later.

Obviously, it’s not that Ron inherited it, but at this point, this grotesque can be had for four Knuts. If you like hold herwhat you need to do is find The Secrets of Hogwarts.

You can catch glowing creatures

As if it were Pokémon, the game lets you capture and raise magical animals. Among them, sometimes versions appear bright, so to speak. You will recognize them because they have a special color and there is also a four pointed star icon along with your sex.

In some cases they are sidequest creaturesbut you must know that there is version bright of every creatureIt is randomly appear at their respective spawn points.

You can put on and take off the hood

We were quite surprised to learn that there are many people who do not know what you can put on and take off the hood your cloak (if your cloak has a hood). To do this, open the menu and put on cloaks and tunics. If your cape has a hood, you’ll see that in Bottom right corner You will see the “Put/Remove Hood” option and the button corresponding to your platform.

For obvious reasons, you can’t do this to everyone the cloaks and tunics, of course.

No need to equip Wingardium Leviosa

Once you have I got Wingardium Leviosayou should know that no need to equip it to use it. Yes, you can use it independently, but it’s much easier. use action. The attraction spell is designed so that automatically use Wingardium Leviosa if it is necessary to lift the object to move it. This is especially useful with boxes you use to climb ledgesfor example.

Let the enemies fight each other

Wizards and goblins don’t get along with wild animals. If, for example, you see a group of spiders and goblins, wait Wait if you don’t want to fight: they’ll fall apart and you can just take out the ones that are left.

Level up quickly by completing challenges

Especially at the beginning of the gamehe can level up super fast with challenges. The easiest thing to do is grab the Field Guide pages in the castle and watch your level skyrocket.

You can get free ingredients and potions

Among the summoning items that can be acquired when accessing your base, are two very special. we talk about the Skip pot and cutting pole spellboth Merchant items that can be shop in Volumes and Scrollsin Hogsmeade.

Both can be placed and will generating random potions and ingredients every certain time without you having to do anything. They don’t consume more than the opal it costs to place them, and you can place multiple of each. Something free never hurts.

You can get a lot of gold from eye chests

The chests with eyes always they have 500 coins. While we don’t recommend spending money on gear (you can get enough from enemies and chests), it never hurts. have money for ingredients or some objects that you might need are for sale and you don’t want to have to look for them on your own.

Recalls that just use the delusional at a certain distance and approximation to open them.

You can find treasure by diving

Among the Treasury Chambers you will find some that they are not caves In themselves. You may not find the entry, and that’s enough. look for nearby water and a whirlpool on the surface. As you approach, you can interact with the vortex, reaching the cave with the hidden treasure.

Logically there are more details and hidden mechanics that are quite useful, as in all games. Can you think of any you want to share with the community?