Many of the best horror games were developed by Japanese studios: resident Evil, silent Hill, siren… However, in this article we will focus not on the origin of the title, but on its setting. On the occasion of the launch of Project Zero: Lunar Eclipse Mask This Thursday, March 9, we look back on works that terrified us with their stories based on Japanese, Taiwanese and other Asian folklore.

Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly

The Tecmo game is one of the most terrifying titles in the mainstream. In Project Zero 2 players explore a abandoned japanese village driving mio The spirits of the place have Mayu, the protagonist’s twin sister who accompanies her, and both need to find a way not to be victims of the invasion. sacrifice that the disturbing place entities want. For that they will have to explore, solve puzzles and confront the ghosts using a camera.

Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly is available at Playstation 2 It is xbox. In wii remaster released Project Zero 2: Wii Edition which can be purchased from the Wii U Nintendo eShop.

forbidden siren

Sony’s closed Japan Studio surprised many with forbidden siren, a terrifying experience full of original ideas, though not all of them perfectly executed. Players put themselves in the shoes of various survivors in the rural village of Hanudawho will have to save your life preventing the terrifying shibito from detecting thembecause they are invincible. Stealth is mixed with a mechanism that allows us to see what others observe characters. Furthermore, the acts performed in the chapter of one of the protagonists can affect the chapter of another in different ways.

forbidden siren is available at Playstation 2 is at Playstation 4 via the PS Store.


Red Candle signed in 2019 one of the most celebrated original horror games of recent years. devotion is a first-person exploration adventure set in a Taiwan house during the 80’sa nostalgic location that mixes with the disturbing references used in the east asian folklore. A story-focused title, the environmental storytelling, the scary moments and the scares that have a high-level visual and sound staging.

devotion is available at Praça through the Red Candle store.


Detention is another award-winning title from Red Candle. This time it’s a two-dimensional side-advance adventurebut the keys are the same as in your work below: Horror and Taiwanese Folklore. The premise leads us to a mountain town institute in the country during the 1960s, under martial law. The place is full of monsters to avoid, nightmare rooms, secrets to discover and puzzles to solve. The packaging of all this stands out for a disturbing style, both in terms of sound and, above all, in its strange drawing and its disturbing animations.

Detention is available at nintendoswitch, Playstation 4, android It is Praça.

world of horror

Junji Ito, HP LovecraftInspired by the visual style of early PC adventures, detailed manga-inspired graphics crafted with microsoft paintand all this combined into an RPG with turn-based combat and structure roguelite. world of horror mixes investigation, confrontations and resource management typical of survival horror in a plot about the end of the world, the primordial gods and the japanese urban legends. It’s a bunch of ideas put in a blender, and the resulting smoothie tastes like originality.

world of horror is available at early access for pc. In the summer of 2023, the final version will be released for ps5, nintendoswitch, ps4 It is Praça.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

We won’t go on too long with Doki Doki Literature Club! besides saying that under his guise of teen visual novel set in a Japanese institute hides a disturbing title of psychological horror, dealing with unexpected themeswhich is surprisingly well written by the standards of the genre and which will not leave anyone who gives it a chance indifferent.

Doki Doki Literature Club! is available for free on for PC. The extended and improved version, Literature Club Doki Doki Plus!is available at nintendoswitch, Playstation 4, Xbox one It is Praça.

Yomawari: Night Alone

Its top-down perspective is reminiscent of games from the 16-bit era and your characters chibi can be misleading. Yomawari: Night Alone is psychological horror exploration adventure set in the Japanese city of Poro. Players control a girl who walks her dog in the middle of the night, but an accident causes the pet to disappear, so her sister offers to look for it. But she doesn’t come back. Then the girl will have to go in search of her dog and her sisteradvancing through a city in mutation and full of specters and monsters from which you will have to escape or from which you will have to hide.

Yomawari: Night Alone is available at Praça It is PlayStation Vita. is also in nintendoswitch together with its continuation, Yomawari: Midnight Shadowsas part of the collection Yomawari: The Long Night Collection.

corpse party

The original title from 2016, Developed with RPG Maker, was a very popular work in the independent horror scene. The 2021 version is a remastering that expands it adventure with RPG elements full of transcendent decisions in which players explore a Japanese school in an alternate reality which several of his students ended up after performing a strange ritual. Its 16-bit graphics may not be the best suited to put fear in the body, but this is compensated by its Disturbing and elaborate sound effects.

corpse party is available at nintendoswitch, Playstation 4, Xbox one It is Praça.

Kageroh: Dark Corridor

It’s not the roundest game on this list, but the idea is great, no doubt inspired by PTthat canceled demo silent hills. Inspired by japanese folklore, Kageroh: Dark Corridor it’s a one roguelike of exploitation and terror that drives us through the halls and locker rooms in each game with the objective of surviving the Noh mask, for which you must learn the particularities of each room and use different types of objects to avoid the apparition.

Kageroh: Dark Corridor is available at nintendoswitch It is Praça.

home Sweet Home

home Sweet Home It stands out, first of all, for the photorealism and the detail of its settings, and secondly for the folklore it uses to scare us: the thai legends. It’s a first-person exploration adventure. focused on storytelling with stealth sections where you must avoid being detected by spirits and puzzles of different types. The story puts us in control of Tim, a guy who is going through a hard time because of the disappearance of his wife and who, one day, wakes up in a mysterious building from which he must escape.

home Sweet Home is available at Playstation 4, Xbox one It is Praça. Compatible with PSVR.

the convenience store

One of the strangest titles of those gathered here, and also one of the most original and on a tighter budget. It’s a very short game, just 40 minutes (it costs just over two euros), which puts players in the shoes of a young woman working the night shift at a supermarket. While most of the time is spent exploring the photorealistic backdrop (with a VHS video tape effect very curious), there are some other puzzles in this independent Japanese game of psychological terror.

the convenience store is available at Praça.