just over 48 hours for the Steam Spring Sale to end. From past March 16thValve platform members have the ability to get most of the games available in the launcher at rarely seen prices. Therefore, many immersed themselves for hours in the offers to try to find the next big deal spend several hours. And as part of that mission, we set out to undertake a rather difficult mission: collect the best games available for less than 2 euros.

So, after thoroughly investigating Steam sales, we found 13 essential games that can be achieved by the next Thursday, March 23 (at 6 pm CET) per less than 2 euros. Therefore, if you have a few cents saved and don’t know where to invest, we invite you to take a look at the list of great games that we have prepared. actually with just over 5 eurosyou can add some of the most relevant titles of the last few decades to your Steam library.

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island of ponies

Long before surprising the industry with Incryption, Daniel Mullins He did the same with Pony Island in particular. In this seemingly innocent game, puzzles and suspense take over a malfunctioning malevolent arcade machine which is designed by the devil himself. So, contrary to what it seems, it’s not a proposal about ponies (as your Steam tab description says). If you want to discover its virtues, you can do it for just 79 cents.

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Half Life and Half Life 2

It is impossible to understand the industry today without the impact it has had. Half-Life and its sequel, two of the most celebrated and cherished games of all time. As usual, Valve placed these two titles with a aggressive downgrade that allows users to acquire these classics at almost unbeatable prices: on the one hand, the first adventure is available for 81 cents; on the other, the sequel is available for players to 97 cents. Thus, whoever wants to acquire two of the best games in history will have spent, incredible as it may seem, 1.78 euros.

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poly bridge

If we are talking about the most complete simulation games, it is essential to highlight poly bridgethe particular proposal of dry cactus. For over five years, thousands of players have been surprised by the possibilities and challenges of a title with up to 60 levels that will allow users show your creativity. So, if you’re interested in engineering and curious about building bridges, you can get your hands on this title for just 81 cents.

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Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2

This historic proposal with cooperativezombies and lots of action lives a case similar to that of the two Half-Life titles: players can buy the first two installments of the license for less than 2 euros. If you’re a fan of the living dead and you’re looking for a title to enjoy with your friends, you’ll be happy to know that for 97 cents you can buy any the first two Left 4 Dead games. in fact, for 1.94 euros you will have the option of getting both to increase the number of games in your library.

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Portal and Portal 2

If we are talking about Valve’s historic titles, it is essential to make room for the portal franchise, one of the most successful in the company’s history. Thus, as with Half-Life, Valve takes advantage of each round of offers to place these titles in a very interesting discount that allows users to access them at unimaginable prices. Therefore, on this occasion, anyone who wants to enjoy each title on the Portal will be able to do so 97 centshaving the option to buy both for 1.94 euros.

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The impact it had is undeniable. play dead in the chain of 2D titles that are committed to delving into a deep narrative while offering a full gameplay. For this reason, this batch of Steam offers is a perfect opportunity to discover the company’s two most emblematic titles: on the one hand, those who want to get LIMBO they can do it for 99 cents; on the other, those who want to experience what it has to offer INSIDE will have the opportunity to do so in exchange for €1.99.

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The Witcher: Director’s Cut Enhanced Edition

At the end of December 2022, we entered the first title in The Witcher series to find out if it needed a remake. And, after several hours on it, we realized that it is a game capable of offer a great experience for those who want to discover the origins of the franchise. So if you want to investigate how one of the most important licenses in history began, you can do so in exchange for €1.19a price difficult to match for a title with dozens of hours of content.

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goat simulator

“Making the goat” has never been so connected to video games. Although there are numerous proposals capable of offering players everything you can imaginethe main feature of the title of Coffee Stain Studios is that, for the first time, it highlighted a goat without fear of anything. Therefore, if you want to discover the origins of the phenomenon goat simulatoryou can do it for just 1.63 euros. Of course, we warn you before you do this: once you fall in love with the goat’s charms, there’s no going back.

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Florence is surprisingly a video game for all types of audiences. Whether you are familiar with it or not, this particular proposal focused on the life of Florence will lead you to live a unique experience that it doesn’t last an hour. However, as they said our VidaExtra colleagues in their Florence reviewsis so intimate, shocking and painful that, for 1.81 euros How much does it cost in Steam sales, few proposals can offer what it is.

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The Prince of Persia Saga

Although the franchise is going through a delicate moment of health, there was a time when Prince of Persia was synonymous withgreat games”. That’s why, to celebrate some of the best releases in the saga, those interested in the saga can acquire several titles from it to €1.99. Thus, the selection includes classics such as Las Dos Coronas, Las Arenas del Tiempo or the particular Prince of Persia, 2008one of the first banners of the already old PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island

Graphic adventure fans have reason to celebrate: the monkey island sagaperhaps the most representative of the genre, has two games for less than 2 euros in the new batch of Steam sales. In this way, those interested in knowing some of the classics of the series will be able to obtain The Curse of Monkey Island for €1.99the same price as at the moment Escape from Monkey Island. Undoubtedly, a unique opportunity to experience two of the most famous experiences of the genre.

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the saga of perdition

At this point, few fans of the medium are unaware of the existence of the DOOM saga. Such is its impact that, for decades, many fans have been looking for a way to bring the DOOM experience to as many places as possible, which is why a few weeks ago a user was able to play the title on a chip. And unsurprisingly, the franchise didn’t want to miss out on Steam sales, which is why you can get classics like LOSS (1993) almost €1.99 or others like LOSS 64 per 1.64 euros.

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Bonus: Resident Evil Revelations 2

Although the full game is not available, it’s a good opportunity to discover the beginning of Resident Evil Revelations 2, the sequel to one of the highest rated sub-sagas of the Resident Evil series. So, who doesn’t know what to invest in 77 centswill be able to do it in the first chapter of this curious proposal from Capcom that cooperative and a close duration 15 hours.

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