With the launch of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Capcom nailed it again, Leon and Ashley’s adventure has been updated with a version that even surpasses the original. It is an absolute triumph.

But this is not always the case, and there are remakes that are criticized. Do you remember the wave of remakes and reboots that horror movies suffered in the early 2000s? Some went well, but the truth is that it wasn’t the usual. On the other hand the horror In video games, there is an idyll with remakes (or facelifts), as happened with the recent Dead Space Remake.

Or ask Capcom. After Resident Evil sold out, the Japanese company revived the original 1996 game with a great remake… and many years later it would demonstrate the same with Resident Evil 2 (the 2019 one) and Resident Evil 3 Remake.


RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE REVIEW – a new horror marvel

With these updates to some classics, it’s inevitable to think of many horror classics that have been forgotten for years. Sometimes they’ve tried to come back with better or worse results, but unfortunately it’s not the usual trend.

We are talking about works known as Dino Crisis, Clock Tower, Rule of Rose, Haunting Grounds or Cold Fear. Of course, at least Silent Hill 2 and Alone in the Dark will be getting new versions in the coming months.

In this report we analyze The 15 Forgotten Horror Games We’d Love to See Again With a Remake Like Resident Evil 4 with current graphics, mechanics and standards.

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Parasite Eve

Although it has not officially arrived in Europe, we can define it as a ‘Terror Final Fantasy”. In 1998, Square Enix (formerly SquareSoft) surprised us beautifully with this survival horror RPG for the first PlayStation. Two years later, there was a sequel that many consider even better.

Parasite Eve II put a Resident Evil twist on the first game’s formula. Ten years had to pass before the arrival of a third exclusive for PSP. Would you like to see a remake with current graphics?

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Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

One of the Most Remembered Gamecube Exclusives. In the year 2002, Silicon Knights and Nintendo worked side by side on this Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. It was reminiscent of Resident Evil for its gameplay system, though closer to Alone in the Dark.

Sadly, Eternal Darkness never got a sequel. There’s been talk of a remaster or remake by Nightdive (creators of the Quake remaster) for years, but for now it’s just a rumor.

Nightdive Studios Wants to Remaster Eternal Darkness, But They Lament Nintendo Is Reluctant To Work With Third-Party Studios

Convicted: Criminal Origins

Is it possible for a thriller to scare more than a horror game itself? It is, of course, something the guys at Monolith Productions demonstrated back in 2005. Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the timeless gems of the Xbox 360 catalog that deserves to come back with a remake Like the one from Resident Evil 4.

We can’t get its dark corridors, the atmosphere of psychological horror and its police plot out of our minds. In 2008 a remarkable sequel would arrive, which also saw the light of day on PS3. I hope Sega gives us a third part one day…

Condemned 3 could arrive as an indie game


It’s impossible to make a horror game ranking without the darkest, most disturbing and spectacular shooter we can remember. So was FEAR, an impressive FPS from Monolith Soft that in its time was a revolution on a technical level (beware of bullet time).

FEAR 2: Project Origin was a notch down, but it was still a remarkable horror game that delved into Alma’s character. Finally the saga would end with F.3.AR, a more action-oriented and cooperative installment. How would you feel about a remake that revived this saga and returned it to its terrifying origins?

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Clock tower

The most terrifying graphic adventure we can remember. Clock Tower is a classic among classics, which became one of the best works on the SNES in 1995. Two years later the sequel would arrive for PS1, as well as a port of the first title for the Sony console.

The outcome of the trilogy, Clock Tower 3, would come from Capcom’s hand (after Human’s closure in 2000). Since then, we’ve said goodbye to this quirky saga of adventure and horror, which shares many similarities with Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. Imagining the “scissors” with graphics in the style of Resident Evil 4 Remake makes us shiver pelangans

Project Scissors, a new survival horror in the spirit of Clock Tower

cold fear

A classic of the 128-bit generation. In 2005, Ubisoft and Darkworks offered a Resident Evil-style survival horror game. Cold Fear tells the story of Tom Hansen, an American sailor who must investigate a mysterious Russian whaler in Bering.

The problem is that the most absolute horror awaits us on this whaler. Cold Fear is a little gem overlooked by many, but a remake would be great for it.. And more in the style of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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Influenced by teen horror films, Obscuro became a huge hit in the mid-2000s. The first in the saga was released in 2004 by Hydravision, spawning a sequel that received positive reviews at the time.

Visiting the Leafmore Institute was a terrifying experience, no doubt. Of course, the restart attempt (Final Exam) did not convince the players, burying the franchise forever (which had been orphaned by the closure of Hydravision).

The ObsCure saga for sale on Steam

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Capcom nailed it with remakes of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 4 (the third one they left the clock tower in the way, yes). Fans are wondering what’s next… and a possible remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica is a wet dream for more than one.

Released in 2000 for Dreamcast (later for Gamecube and PS2), Code Veronica is the perfect bridge between the original trilogy and the modern saga that Resident Evil 4 started, both in terms of playability and plot. The bad thing is that Capcom seems to have forgotten about it.

Capcom cancels impressive fan-made remakes of Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil (2002)

rose rule

This is one of the most valuable games in the PS2 catalogue. In the early years of the last decade it was common to see it at a bargain price (in second-hand baskets), but everything changed with the increase in collecting. Rule of Rose is now a luxury item.

This survival horror is so enigmatic that many didn’t even know it existed when it was released (in 2006). The presence of murderous children, a very elaborate classic setting and its dark plot make it a cult work… a remake could also be very good.

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forbidden siren

Do you like Japanese horror? If the answer is yes, then you will dream every night of a remake of Forbidden Siren. In 2003, PS2 players experienced firsthand the original mechanics of this title: all the time we see the camera from the enemy’s perspective.

Its sequel, Forbidden Siren 2, continued the good path of the first on PS2. Already in the PS3 generation, Siren: Blood Curse was a notable return (initially for downloadable episodes on the PS Store)… but SIE has since abandoned this horror saga. A PS5 remake would be great.

Is there any chance of a new Siren game in the future?

Project ZeroII

The Project Zero (Fatal Frame) saga is one of the most successful in the eastern horror genre, and it’s true that Koei Tecmo has decided to revive it with a series of remasters. At the moment, Project Zero 4 and Project Zero 5 have already had their debut in the current generation. Will the same happen to the rest?

Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly It is perhaps the most beloved of the saga. In 2012 there was a remaster for Wii, but fans are eager to see a “real” remake. Or, who knows, maybe a sixth installment of a new generation of Project Zero.

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Rockstar’s most brutal video game… which is saying a lot. GTA, Bully or Red Dead Redemption don’t skimp on rudeness, but in 2003 a survival horror as rough as sandpaper would arrive. Manhunt is a work unsuitable for sensitive stomachs, which generated controversy in the early 2000s.

And if Manhunt was difficult, wait until you see the sequel. Manhunt 2 was censored in several countries (including ours), and today by today it is considered one of the most violent video games in history. The development of a third part was rumored years ago, but frankly, in these times it’s next to impossible. But how about a remake that updated it? Hmm…

Manhunt 3 in the future? Rockstar updates the domain of its official website

Haunted Ground

The ”other Resident Evil”. Capcom jumped into the pool in 2006 with Haunting Ground, a survival horror focused on atmosphere and puzzles (while maintaining the presence of an enemy that relentlessly pursues us). It looks like another installment of Clock Tower and was a PS2 exclusive.

As if it were little, the protagonist, Fiona, was as beautiful as she was fragile. The player constantly felt in danger, and not even Hewie’s help (our nice little dog) was enough. It was a groundbreaking game in many ways, like its sudden nasty deaths. It’s hard to find.

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black seed

An enigmatic and difficult work to understand. We could define it as ”the grandfather of Scorn”, as it shares many similarities with Ebb Software’s work (the use of art by HR Giger for a start). However, the title Cyberdreams pioneered on a technical and playable level in 1992.

black seed is a complex play starring Mike Dawson (who is one of the game’s developers). One day, the character appears on an alien world ruled by the Elders, a race that tries to plant a dark seed in his brain. Will they dare to make a remake?

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dinosaur crisis

We end with another classic among classics, whose return has been the subject of hundreds of rumors and of which there are fan remakes. Dino Crisis is much more than a ”Resident Evil with dinosaurs”, as it has the good work of Capcom, a good technical level and a development full of iconic moments (that huge T-Rex, the velociraptors…).

The first Dino Crisis is living history of the survival horror genre. Its sequel, although well remembered, for many is a step down for being more action-oriented). Finally, in 2003, Dino Crisis 3 disappointed many with its space theme. Fingers crossed for a triumphant return of Dino Crisis, and if it’s a Resident Evil 4 style remake, better.

An artist imagines what a remake of Dino Crisis would look like in Unreal Engine 5 and you’ll be hard-pressed to forget some scenes…

I hope one day we have a remake or reboot of these classics. After Resident Evil, Silent Hill 2 or Alone in the Dark, we must also highlight the remakes of System Shock or Dead Space. It’s a great stage for horror video games.

Of course, it goes without saying that Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the best horror games of recent months. It’s available from March 24th on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Did you play any of these horror classics back then? which one needs one redo nowadays? What is clear is that horror is once again one of the industry’s strongest and most established genres. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Silent Hill 2 Remake is at least as good as the original.