47 minutes of chapter over three days

the end of bitter land is stretching like gum on Antenna 3. The network announced in mid-January that the Turkish series on which Hilal Altinbilek –which started airing in July 2021– was coming to an end, but nearly two months have passed and it’s still on screen.

however arrived Original sin, the fiction that was (and is) called to replace it. So that both could be transmitted together on the desktop, Antena 3 had to juggle. The objective was to broadcast two series where before only one was broadcast. Solution?: reduce the duration of the bitter land.

On February 17th, solo, the chapter of bitter land it lasted an hour; on February 20th, sharing the slot with Original sin, It was only on screen for 18 minutes. (from 18:30 to 19:00 with advertising cut included).

Both series are on Antena 3 after the table since February 20, although they do so with a very uneven duration. This allowed postpone the end of bitter landbut it also caused a rather unusual situation that likely misled many viewers.

As you saw watch TV, Züleyha and Yilmaz’s drama has just 47 minutes to end, however, still has three days in the air to go. Antena 3 announced that the series will end this week, and its official schedule indicates that it will broadcast a new chapter on Friday, March 10th. If all goes according to plan, this will be your last day.

Therefore, following the strategy of the last few weeks, the last three episodes of bitter land these 47 minutes of footage will have to be distributedthen each of the deliveries will last a quarter of an hour.

The Atresmedia chain reached stretch the result of the hit series and use it to attract your audience Original sinbut the result is quite surprising and has completely turned the plot of the series upside down.

In this Wednesday’s chapter, Vahap learns about his brother’s arrest

Ender tells Lal, Alihan’s former partner, that he is dating his assistant. Zeynep is frustrated because she doesn’t know what Yildiz does at work. Alihan’s sister begs him again not to be with Zeynep. Sinan tells Zehra that she is back in Istanbul and wants to see her. Halit tells Zeynep that he had nothing to do with his sister and that she is not the reason for his divorce. He blames Ender for what happened. Zeynep organizes a breakfast for her sister and Alihan to get to know each other.

In this Thursday’s chapter, Fikret and Zeynep celebrate their wedding

Toda Çukurova gives her blessing to the newlyweds, who are overjoyed, until Vahap appears in the middle of the dance, seeking revenge.

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