HThe greatest loyalty story in American sports has concluded. Coach Jim Boeheim will no longer be on the bench at Syracuse University. He has been doing this for the past 47 years., plus six if time as an assistant on the same team is included. He was also a player for four seasons (1962-66). As soon as, of its current 78 years, it spent 57 of them being part of the institution, located about 400 kilometers from his hometown of New York. For his entire adult life, he wore orange, except for a brief period when he played in the Eastern Professional Basketball League.

As references, When he debuted as head coach in 1976, Michael Jordan was just 13 years old., Magic Johnson still had three to make his NBA debut and LeBron James still had eight to be born. His 47 seasons on the same team are only surpassed by Jim Phelan, who led Mount St. Mary’s for 49 between 1955 and 2008.

Jim Boeheim, after cutting the net in the 2003 NCAA final victory.

Syracuse lost to Wake Forest University 77-74 with a triple to go two-tenths of a second. It was him Cruel end to an icon of American basketball benches. “I gave my retirement speech last week and nobody noticed,” Boeheim said after the loss. “I was very lucky to be able to play, watch and then manage the team for so long without having to leave Syracuse”, he said afterwards.

The Veteran Coach retires with an NCAA title, the one won in 2003 with Carmelo Anthony as the star of his team. It lost the final in 1987 and 1996 and on two other occasions (2013 and 2016) played in the Final Four. Of all his seasons, only one ended with more losses than wins. His wins total 1,045, the second most on record in Division I, behind the 1,202 with which Mike Krzyzewski retired last year.Duke’s legendary coach.

Erasure on his record: 101 wins in limbo

The number of wins could be higher, but in 2015, Syracuse had 101 recalls after investigation in which payments to students, academic misconduct and non-compliance with drug policy were detected. It is undoubtedly the Biggest stain in Boeheim’s history. The University was also left without 12 scholarships in the following years and had to face a payment of more than one million euros, corresponding to irregularities detected between 2004-07 and 2010-12.

Jim Boeheim gives instructions to Carmelo Anthony on the bench.

The coach, who managed one of his sons in Syracuse, entered the Hall of Fame in 2005. One of the main features of their teams was their zone defenses. Therefore, for a better adaptation of players to FIBA ​​basketball, He was recruited by USA Basketball as an assistant US national team. He participated in the Olympic gold medals in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016 and in the World Cups in Turkey 2010 and Spain 2014.

It will be hard to look at the Syracuse bench and not see Boeheim. Your place will try to fill Adrian Autryassistant since 2011 and also one of his former players. “Few forces have been more influential in my life than Syracuse University and Jim Boeheim.. I spent a lot of my time in basketball learning from him. It’s hard to imagine a world without him on the bench.”says the debutante.