yes it is tired out wear long hair and not dare with a short lookyou best choice It is the average length. If you also bet on a scale cut any staggeredas Seven that we present here, you will give a lot shape and volume to you hair.

yes it is tired out of always wearing very long hair and not daring with a short hairstyleO medium hair it’s yours ideal option to make you that Visual change what do you want. It is about a court what favors everyone, Eternal is that never fails. If you like risk a littleyou always have the option to bet on one scale cut any staggeredhow the ‘influencer’ did Marta Riumbau.

What is a scaled haircut?

He court in scaled hair any staggered is who wears layershowever far away. This makes it look like different levels any steps. It stands out for its movement and, above all, give high volume for the hair. “With medium length is a style which, in general, looks good in almost all to the women. This is because it is a beauty trend very versatilethat is, there are different versions Of this haircut and therefore we can choose the one that more favors us“, explain experts from the Vanitas Espai on your webpage.

Latest trends of medium length layered haircuts

O polite medium length scale or staggered they are sweeping the hairdresser in this 2023 and, although as we said, there is a great variety of optionsthe most popular ones are punk inspirationlike him mullethe disheveled or the wolf cut. However, if you don’t want to risk so much, you can also bet on a octopus haircutequally in trend. if you have the frizzy hairyour best option is baby bang cut with its characteristic fringe.

if you decided Visual change and bet on one medium long hair climb any staggeredhere we present the polite that they will give more shape and volume to your hair so you can choose the one that best suits your I like It is style.

Medium length haircut: mullet

The mullet is characterized by being a layered cut with front and short top and the longer hair per back. It’s already gone trend us 80 and came back in 2023. “If what you seek is to give personality and volume to you mane (and you are bold), the mullet cut is what you need”, they say Asther Cabeleireiros.

Layered Medium Length Haircut: Shaggy

“With him court shaggy hair you can get the It is made What you want. that’s why so fashionablebecause practically everyone can take“, say hair specialists at Raffel Pages. AND very bold and can be used in different shapes and styles. Common scaled bobfor example, remains ideal.

Scalloped Medium Length Haircut: Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a fusion of the two. scale cuts for medium hair that we saw before, the mullet it’s him disheveled. It is so named because of its wild look with that frame the face and is one of the most requested in the hairdresser in this 2023.

Scalloped Medium Length Haircut: Clavicut

As its name suggests, the clavicut is a scale cut for medium hair wherein hair reaches the height of clavicle. stands out because add volume and also adapts all facesgiven that sweeten to the factions. Who does it benefit? “so much for straight hair as curlyas long as it suits the texture of the hair with invisible layers if necessary”, emphasize the hairdresser Manoli Fuentes.

Layered Medium Length Haircut: Messy Hair

He sports carefree, medium-length hair with high volume with a cut flaked messy hair. Besides being trendis also a very practical optionbecause it is really easy to comb.

Scalloped Medium Length Haircut: Octopus Haircut

In 2022 began to be asked hairdresser and in this 2023 he octopus haircut (or octopus haircut) has become trend. It is about a court for medium length scale that follows the line of mullet or of wolf cutbut less daring. However, it is ideal to give a lot of texture and volume to the hair.

Stepped Medium Haircut: Baby Bang

“A haircut suitable for any type of curly hair and face shapeSince the technique consists of adapt it perfectly for each and shape for the Bunch“, explain experts from the cuteness about it baby bang cut for medium hair. Beyond curlsstands out for its fringewhich is cut above the eyebrows.

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