the price of one shopping basket with basic and private label products now it is more expensive than in may and june last year. And it’s in virtually every neighborhood in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (WBA). This is the conclusion of the latest report by the AMB Territorial Studies Sectionwhich estimates that the price has risen between 2% and 12% depending on the type of supermarket, despite the VAT reduction driven by the Government at the beginning of the year.

In this way, if not cheapest price establishments a purchase with 22 basic products then cost around 69 euros, now the price is closer to 71 euros. Us mid price deal, the value goes from 69 euros to 72 euros; is at the most expensive, from 78 euros before to almost 85 euros now. This, in a context precisely marked by the transfer from the buyer to the white labelas most large Spanish supermarkets have noticed and attested by various analytical services.

In any case, the increase in cost also occurs, in general, in the shopping cart for branded products, with only one exception: in the cheapest supermarkets, this price drops. “This reduction can be explained by two circumstances: that the margin to increase prices is smaller and that some brands compensated for the increase in the cost of certain products by maintaining prices but reducing quantities”, analyzed the agency in a statement. This practice -explained in this same text- is called redoublingand consists of selling 400 or 450 grams of a product instead of the usual 500 grams.

Anyway, also in this case the price goes up in the most expensive establishments. Just over 1 euro average price supermarkets (up to 91.5 euros) and 12 euros in the most expensive ones (even the cost, this basic basket, 111 euros).

milk, cheese and rice

According to this data, the products that became more expensive are tangerinesO cabbageO milkhe cheese it’s him rice, in the cheapest supermarkets; he zucchiniO cabbageO boiled chickpeasO milkhe cheesehe riceO pasta it’s him oil in medium-priced establishments; and the orangesto the tangerineshe zucchiniO white potatoO boiled chickpeasO milkhe cheeseO butterhe rice and the pastain the most expensive supermarkets.

“Only products like these fall in price. canary banana (due to the end of the volcanic crisis on the island of La Palma) and some plant products affected by seasonality& rdquor;, detail those responsible for this report.