24 pilots were on track in the Algarve International Circuit in Portimão during the two days of the second and final official pre-season test of the 2023 MotoGP World Championship for all riders, just two weeks before the start of the season at the same stage of the Portuguese Grand Prix.


With the inertia of the great race he did in Sepang, on the first day pecco bagnaia He climbed to the top of the table, taking another step on the second day to break the Portuguese track record. After telling what happened on the track -live and in the chronicles at the end of each day-, it’s time to analyze coldly what happened these days.


The first thing is to see how the ratings from different perspectives to try to organize the ideas.

  • Combined Ranking Test Portimão MotoGP 2023

This is the combined ranking of the three test days in Portimão:

Combined classification test Portimão MotoGP 2023
  • Classification day by day Test Portimão MotoGP 2023

This is the interactively simplified sortingin which you can sort each of the days by clicking on the header of each column:

  • Graphic classification Portimão MotoGP Test 2023

In this graphic classification you can better see the distances between riders:

  • Distance to the best Test Sepang MotoGP 2023

here the test heat maptaking the absolute best time as a reference and seeing the distance that each pilot was from that time on each day:


Perhaps the second position of Johann Zarco, more than anything because of how covered he was in the Sepang test. In other words, from one training session to the next, it went from being the most discreet Ducati to being the closest to Pecco Bagnaia.

Due to pre-season developments in general and the Portimão test in particular, it may also be Fabio Quartararo, which had been suffering a lot until reaching the third position. In the same vein, you can add Brad Binder, who pulled KTM out of the catacombs of qualifying to be the second rider not to ride a Desmosedici.

Johann Zarco has been one of the big surprises at the Portimão MotoGP 2023 race

On the opposite side would be the Aprilia riders in general and Maverick Vinales in particular. Rosas’ rider was third in Sepang and, after also being third on the first day in Portimão, he stalled just like his teammates.

also happened to Miguel Oliveirawhat made you stay away from Alex Marquez in the struggle to be the best among newcomers (understood as drivers who change brands); though something ahead Joan Mir and Alex Rinsthat at least ended up right in front of Raul Fernandez and those from KTM: Jack Miller and Raul Fernandez.

Lastly, Augusto Fernandez still need kilometers; as being the only rookie and using the RC16 -which is proving difficult this season- makes it impossible to rate him fairly.


As a driver’s first rival during a pre-season test is himself, let’s see how each of them evolved. To do this, we start by looking how much they improved from day one to best combined time:

The first position of enea bastianini It is due to his problems on the first day, where he had mechanical problems and a crash that prevented him from doing a ‘time attack’, which sent him down a lot. After him there are three pilots who had a great evolution, with Pol Espargaro and Brad Binder progressing in RC16 and Johann Zarco discovering himself on the final day after spending all of pre-season in hiding.

Behind them are the most questioned benchmarks and riders from Honda and Yamaha. The difference is that while Marc Marquez seems to have been very late on the first day, Fabio Quartararo he made a very interesting jump on the table. as for Takaaki Nakagami and Franco MorbidelliThey departed from afar and are still far away.

Otherwise, it is surprising how little Aprilia improves, especially the Maverick Vinales and Raul Fernandez; as well as the two best of the first day: the Ducatis of Pecco Bagnaia and Luca Marini. It’s surprising to see so many riders in the bottom zone who have changed brands like Álex Rins, Miguel Oliveira, Álex Márquez, Joan Miller or Jack Millerwhich supposedly have more room for improvement.


Until 3268 laps entered in the Circuito Internacional do Algarve, distributed as follows by rider and day:

Franco Morbidelli he was the most prolific driver with 184 laps against his partner’s 178 Fabio Quartararo and the 170 of its predecessor Maverick Vinalestied for fourth place among Alex Rins and Marco Bezzecchi with 162 turns each.

On the other hand – and not counting Fabio Di Giannantonio (who could only do half a hundred laps the first day before crashing and being declared unfit) or the testers, it was Alex Espargaro the least rotated with a total of 112, followed by enea bastianini with 118.

here the number of laps sorted by brand:

As is the logic, Ducati is the one with the most laps with a total of 1,133 -which represents more than a third of the laps made in total-, followed by sling (669), Aprilia (556), KTM -which already appears as a sole manufacturer and not with GasGas separately- (548) and yamaha (362).

While the average per pilot, Yamaha sweeps with 181 laps on averagewell ahead of the rest, which were very balanced: Aprilia with 139, KTM with 137, Honda with 133.8 and Ducati with 125.89.


Given the data, it only remains to briefly summarize how is each of the brands of MotoGP 2023 after the Portimão race:

They left Sepang reinforced and in Portimão they widened the gap between them and the rest even more, with pecco bagnaia marking territory as number 1 for the brand, which at this point is the same as being number 1 in MotoGP. While the other Ducatis combine spectacular days with slightly more discreet ones, he is always at the top: his times are fast and he is able to take the Desmosedici further than anyone else.

Among the other GP23, Johann Zarco stood out on the last day to overcome the official enea bastianini and its partner at Pramac Racing, Jorge Martinho, who finished as Ducati’s seventh… but less than two tenths behind the Frenchman. Such is the incredible equality between the pilots of the Bolognese company.

Pecco Bagnaia and his Ducati dominated the Portimão MotoGP 2023 race

Some good feelings shared by the teams that will take the GP22 version, where the VR46 duo fell to the top 5 with Luca Marini completing a magnificent pre-season before Marco Bezzecchi; with Alex Marquez progressing more than adequately and Fabio Di Giannantonio showing a super interesting evolution compared to last year… which was interrupted by the fall.

Fear and hope coexist in the tuning fork brand, because although Fabio Quartararo managed to finish the race in third position and offered better sensations in the final part of the race, until then it had been in the background… in which it is still installed Franco Morbidelliwhich for now is an abyss away from its partner, which raises concerns about the real level of the M1.

Fabio Quartararo gave air to Yamaha at the Portimão MotoGP 2023 race

The last moments of inspiration from Brad Binder They were a real balm for the Austrian firm, which threw three-quarters of the test installed in the lowest zone of the classification. The South African has to carry the weight of the company while accompanying the adaptation of the Jack Millerwhich in the final moments managed to improve until he was hooked on the train in the middle zone.

Brad Binder saved KTM furniture at the 2023 Portimão MotoGP test

right after he finished Pol Espargaroreference for GasGas Tech3 on its return to KTM, as the Spanish brand’s career in the constructors’ column on the timesheet ended in Sepang, now remaining only in the name of a team in which Augusto Fernandez continues to close the table and whose objective has to be to try to ride in a group in the Portuguese race.

80% of the season has been sensational for the Noale brand, which after performing at a high level in Sepang started wonderfully well in Portimão… only to collapse on the last day. Then, when the Ducatis stretched the chewing gum of the times and the individual reactions of other brands arrived, they had to settle for closing the top 10 in the hands of Alex Espargaromainly surprising the absence of a great final time of Maverick Vinales.

Maverick Viñales showed interesting things for Aprilia at the 2023 Portimão MotoGP test

between the two ended Miguel Oliveira, which in general terms has left a good taste in the mouth this winter; just like your partner Raul Fernandezwhich, despite finishing a little lower, was regularly seen in the front area and highlights the leap forward taken by the two RNF riders, both from KTM.

That the golden wingers are not going through their best moment is a fact, even if they have taken some steps in the Portuguese competition. This is how it manifests Marc Marquez, which figures the projection for the race in the fight for positions five to ten, assuming that today they cannot compete with the best Ducati. In fact, the eighth world champion ended the race surpassed by his new companion, Joan Mir.

Something more optimistic with his running pace is shown Alex Rins, who by having to do fewer races has been able to focus more time on what he has and try to squeeze until he finishes thousandths of the official duo. Special mention should be made of its partner at LCR, Takaaki Nakagamithat between his physical problems and those of the RC213V starts the season on the wagon.

Marc Márquez continues to suffer with Honda at the Portimão MotoGP 2023 race

The bottom line is that, as of March 12, the gaping ditch at Sepang has turned into a huge crack and MotoGP 2023 into a volcano of magma burning red-hot. ducati. The Desmosedici became a fireproof motorcycle capable of tearing through lava in any temperature, threatening to turn the rest of the season into hell.

But of course, if anyone knows how to move like a fish in the waters of the underworld, it’s ‘El Diablo’ Fabio Quartararo, whose performance on the Portuguese track suggests he found something in the yamaha and that makes him the big threat for the Italians, who still have that fresh 2021 in which he deprived them of a title they think should have been theirs.

The other big change in the last month is in Apriliawho went from being with the Ducati at the edge of the ditch to finding himself in a limbo between heaven and hell in which Honda and KTM they can be swallowed up if they don’t find those few (but decisive) tenths that allow them to leave the underworld and rise to the noble zone.

All this is from March 12th. In 10 days, the Portuguese Grand Prix he will give and take away reasons; although the fact that tests were carried out there could certainly distort the real level of the brands and drivers, which will begin to be seen more clearly from April onwards with the nominations of Rio Hondo, COTA and Termas de Jerez… where there will be another test that can change the inertia again.