Sony would like to release a PlayStation 5 overhaul with a power boost before the end of 2024.

A leak revealed that Sony would already be thinking about the Pro version of the PlayStation 5. Having overcome the stock problems, the company would be thinking about launching a review of the console. As with its successor, this would be a model that would include several performance improvements. However, details about the benefit increase were not disclosed. What appears to have been leaked is its release window. According to information, the PS5 Pro would become a reality in the still somewhat distant future, as their debut would not happen until 2024.

Leaks are always suspicious sources of information, but this time it arrived endorsed by Tom Henderson and Insider Gaming. this journalist accurately advanced the release dates of several video games and other news about the video game industry. A story that invites us to give a little more credibility to this possible PS5 Pro that would hit stores next year 2024. Remember that although it seems to have arrived very recently due to stock problems, in reality the console has been launched in the year 2020. Taking into account the usual deadlines, the next year we will be more or less halfway to the next generation.

At the moment, the details are insufficient and there are many unknowns in the air about this possible decision to sony. The PlayStation 5 has raised its price relatively recently, which creates a difficult situation to manage. Not a lot of wiggle room for a climb in PVP for PS5 Pro. In this sense, and although it is perhaps too much to speculate, maybe it will be the same 2024 when the company finally decides to lower the price from the console. At the moment, sales continue to grow with the increase in stock and Policy change at companies like Amazonbut it will be hard to bear the type so emphatically for long.

A third PlayStation 5?

In addition to this information, it also another new model of PlayStation 5 that would be released later this year. This would not include performance improvements as it will have “virtually identical hardware” to current machines. However, it could count on the particularity of not having an internal hard drive. The aim of this version was to make the console “lighter and smaller” so that it would be easier to transport. In addition, and although it had an external hard disk, once placed “it would not seem” that it was not part of ps5.

Photograph: Triyansh Gill in unsplash

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