At least three people died and five others were wounded last night in Russian bombings in the Zaporizhia region, according to the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN. Among the dead are a man it’s yours 11 year old daughter who died buried under the rubble, as reported by the head of the Regional Military Administration of Zaporizhia, Yuri Malashko, on his Telegram channel, reports UNIAN.

“Terrorist soldiers from the Russian Federation killed three innocent neighbors in the region and five others were injured as a result of enemy attacks. The victims are receiving necessary medical assistance,” he said. Malashko specified that the bombed cities were orihiv, Gulyaipole and others 15 citiesas well as the city of Zaporizhiawith one missile attack, four aerial bombardments, five drone strikes and 46 artillery shells.

Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky referred to this attack on Zaporizhia in his usual evening speech. “Last night, the Russian army bombed Zaporizhia with S-300 missiles,” he emphasized. “They hit a house, an apartment building. three people inside. A man, a woman and a girl called Irina. He would be eleven this year. He died. The man is also dead. My condolences…”, he indicated. In addition, Zelenski informed that the woman is hospitalized with critical prognosis.

Russia, more isolated

“This is how the terrorist state (Russia) spends Palm Sunday. This is how Russia places itself in even greater isolation from the world, from humanity,” he argued. According to Zelensky, every Christian holiday teaches “that we may not know how, but we must be sure that the bad will lose. We have to believe. And we believe.”

“We must bring defeat of evil. And we are getting closer. And the world is with us. Each month, each week, support is added, the circle of those who support us, who support our courage and our faith in life, increases, ”he said.

The rescue teams were able to locate the seriously injured mother alive among the ruins of the house where the family lived, which was hit by one of the two S-300 missiles The Russians launched themselves against a residential area of ​​that city.

Russian troops control part of the province of Zaporizhia, including its atomic plant. The invading army’s attacks have been concentrated for weeks on the city of Bakhmut, in the east of the country, due to the resistance of Ukrainian troops and after months of siege.