McCaul considers pro-Beijing Kuomintang


The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, Republican Michael McCaul, warned this Sunday that China can conquer Taiwan “without a shot” thanks to its influence through the victory of the Kuomintang or Chinese Nationalist Party (CNP). . , considered akin to Beijing, in the Taiwanese presidential elections scheduled for January 13, 2024.

“There is a political debate here with two different parties. One party wants to talk to China (the Kuomintang). President Tsai Ing Wen’s party (the Democratic Progressive Party, DPP) does not want to be part of China,” McCaul said in a statement. NBC television interview in response to a question about whether the people of Taiwan want a military confrontation.

“I think the next elections in January are going to be of enormous importance because I think that since former President Ma (Ying Jeou of the Kuomintang) is in China right now, China will try to influence these elections and conquer the island and without fire a single shot,” he added.

McCaul is part of a tour of Taiwan, South Korea and Japan that began after the California meeting between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, also a Republican, and President Tsai in Taiwan, which has been the target of protests from Beijing. .

McCaul himself met with Tsai on Sunday and stressed that what happened in Hong Kong and the Russian invasion of Ukraine “opened the eyes” of the people of Taiwan and that is why they are “very nervous”.

Thus, McCaul emphasized that Taiwan’s military capability is “not where it needs to be” in response to a possible Chinese invasion. “It’s not where they need it. If we’re going to have a peace by deterrence, we need the weapons to get to Taiwan,” he explained, referring to the US arms supply agreed between the two parties in December.

The Kuomintang has been in favor of rapprochement with China, though it has typically rejected being pro-Beijing. The party underlined that it is necessary “to try to reduce the tension in the Strait to promote the interests of the population and that the parties can start a new era in a friendly way”.

The Kuomintang is the same party that controlled the Chinese government led by Chiang Kai Shek, who was defeated in the Maoist revolution that culminated in the seizure of power in 1949. Then, the pro-Western government took refuge on the island of Taiwan, whose oficial The name is the Republic of China, as opposed to the People’s Republic of China, with its capital in Beijing.

Beijing considers Taiwan a rogue province and, in fact, only twelve countries in the world formally and diplomatically recognize Taiwan. However, the United States and its allies maintain informal relations and support the de facto independence of the territory with weapons.