Alejandra Rubio, daughter of Terelu Campos and contributor to ‘Fiesta’

  • Daughter of Terelu Campos was photographed with Carles Aleñá, Getafe player

  • The granddaughter of María Teresa Campos dropped some clues that could speak of her new sentimental stage

  • Alejandra Rubio declined to comment after headlines suggesting she would have a new boyfriend

all eyes are Alexandra Rubio. Two months after confirming the breakup with Carlos Agüero, the daughter of Terelu Campos now related to football player Carles Aleñá. Although at the moment only photographs have appeared in which you can see them enjoying each other’s company, the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos has not has left certain clues that they would talk about their new sentimental situation.

On the verge of tears and visibly hurt, the ‘Fiesta’ collaborator made the separation official after more than a year of relationship with Carlos Agüero. But, as Emma García consoled him, everything passes and time heals everything. Judging by the information published by ‘Soon’ magazine, these two months would have served Alejandra Rubio to heal her heart and rebuild your love life.

This was the first photo that Alejandra shared with Carlos Agüero

Yes well there is nothing confirmed and there is also no evidence to prove this new relationship, the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos has been very comfortable accompanied by a football player. it comes to Carles Alena, 25 years old. Although He began his sporting career at Barça’s youth academycurrently militates as sock at Getafe.

In the photographs in question, can you see the couple? laughing and sharing confidences at night in Madrid. Some snapshots that, although they have served many to theorize about it possible new relationshipThe only thing they confirm is the good vibes between them. And is that the Alejandra Rubio’s huge smile says it all: he is in a very good moment, enjoying your celibacy.

So much so that, for a few days, the daughter of Terelu Campos she has been dropping certain clues that seemed to indicate that she might be horny again. Romantic phrases, intense looks and a series of hidden messages that could now gain greater meaning.

“And darling, who would have thought? That although we wanted to hide it, we couldn’t help it… we said it without speaking. And With just one look I knew I was in love“, says Maria Becerra’s song that the influencer sings with her gaze fixed on the target. letter that set off the alarms about the moment he is going through, with his heart busy?

And that’s it, making TikToks with Shakira’s “I wish you, darling, that you get along with my supposed replacement”, or “What happened to us? That when we were fine, it got complicated. Cupid shot the arrow and shit” , by Tini, began to dedicate much sweeter and more romantic songs. A more than obvious change that may coincide with a new phase of love -still to be confirmed-.

But this was not the only one detail that Alejandra Rubio has hidden in her social networks. And it is that what for many was just another video for their social networks, could be a hidden message with a specific recipient. As a result of the success of ‘El beso’ by Rosaía and Rauw Alejandro, which was accompanied by a beautiful video dedicated to all kinds of pampering in bed, many have joined this ‘trend’ to do the two .

A viral challenge that the ‘Fiesta’ contributor wants to do but doesn’t have who? “I want to do this trend”, commented Alejandra Rubio along with a video in which we can see her singing the song alone. whatwill have someone in mind With whom to recreate this romantic moment? Are you referring to Carles Aleña, the soccer player you are related to?