a few days ago, THE SPANISH informed that the children of the actress Lara Dibildos (51 years), Fran Murcia (25) and Alvaro Muñoz Dibildos (16) –big absent at her grandmother’s funeral Laura Valenzuela, last Sunday, March 19th, they would return, together, to Spain on April 4th. They were going to do it on the occasion of the funeral mass in memory of their grandmother, which will take place on Next Thursday, April 13th.

However, one setback at the last minute stopped him. According to information conveyed by this medium, the eldest grandson of the legendary Laurita Valenzuela, Fran Murcia, tried to attend, but could not because he is in the middle of the exam period in California, Los Angeles, where he lives. “I tried to change the date of some controls, But it couldn’t be. Something like this was already feared“A well-informed source informs this medium.

Therefore, Fran will be overseas and will not be able to accompany her little brother, Álvaro, on his trip to Spain. The minor’s stay will be a little over 15 days, as he slipped into this environment, and may give your last private goodbye yours ninth, as the grandchildren privately called her. It should be noted that, however, the children of Lara Dibildos”they already said goodbye” by Laura before leaving last February.

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Lara Dibildos with her mother in an image on her social networks.

According to journalist Jesús Manuel Ruiz, and EL ESPAÑOL was able to confirm, the funeral mass will be held at Church of the Sacred Hearts Madrid, very close to the presenter’s house Telecinco, tell me?, on Paseo de la Castellana. It will be at seven in the afternoon on the 13th of April and the mass It will be officiated by a good priest friend and knowledge of the family and Laura Valenzuela.

In these days of mourning, acceptance and resignation, Lara Dibildos has not failed to respond messages of support and condolences since last Friday, March 17, his mother passed away at the age of 92. The actress already knew of the great affection that her mother awakened, but she is, as EL ESPAÑOL found out, “dominated by so much love“, in the form of messages and calls.

Last weekend was undoubtedly hard and intense for the only daughter of the always remembered Laurita Valenzuela. Both at the San Isidro funeral home, where the remains of producer José Luis Dibildos’ wife rest, and at La Almudena cemetery -where she was buried-, Lara wasn’t alone.

By his side, family and friends, but also two exes and pillarsthe pilot Álvaro Munoz Escassi (48) -father of her youngest son, Álvaro-, and Fran Murcia, her ex-husband and with whom she gave birth to her firstborn, Fran Murcia. EL ESPAÑOL has learned that the former basketball player has moved, Discreetlyto the funeral home to cover what was his wife and love affair.

True to his usual discretion, he managed not to get caught on camera. The two melted into a big hug and remembered the figure of Laura Valenzuela. “They knew how to put selfishness aside and understand themselves through Fran“, explains a source of total solvency to this medium.

Despite being surrounded by Dear, love and attention, were two notable absences for Lara Dibildos: those of her children, Fran and Álvaro. Young people are residing for a season in the United States. On the one hand, the youngest, Álvaro, lives in Connecticut, where he studies thanks to a football scholarship. He is accompanied by his older brother and guide, Fran, who lives very close to him in California. The two embarked on this adventure last february.

A few days ago, Fran Murcia Dibildos gave her only interview to the magazine Weekafter her grandmother’s death.

In that speech, Fran acknowledged that, in effect, she said goodbye to her grandmother “a month ago”: “I am sad, but relaxed. I was able to say goodbye to my grandmother before going to the United States. And I know he’s finally resting. Not only her, but my mother too, who was not very happy to see her in the hospital.”

farewell to lara

In the early hours of last Saturday, March 18th, while taking care of her mother, Lara Dibildos broke the silence on social networks to dedicate some emotional words for his mother and referent.

“Have a nice trip, mother. Your grandchildren and I send you lots of light on your journey and may you find Dad again. As you used to say to your grandchildren, we love you to infinity and beyond. Always together. #mama #buenviaje #tequieroytequerresiempre. Give me strength and energy”, posted the actress together with several images in which the beloved Laura Valenzuela is seen in different moments of her life and together with the great love of her life, the producer Jose Luis Dibildos.