The writer was honored in Barcelona by the restorers’ union, where he referred to his friend. He acknowledges that he has yet to speak with Tamara and that he has yet to receive the wedding invitation.

Located in the Raval district of Barcelona, the Dove have the honor of being the oldest dance hall in Europe. After seventeen years closed, it will reopen its doors soon, although from time to time the premises have been rented to hold different events. On this occasion, the Grêmio des Restauradores de Barcelona celebrated the V edition of the feast of Santa Eulàlia, co-patron saint of Barcelona, ​​​​​​where Boris Izaguirre (57), who has lived in Barcelona for several years since Joan Raimon Mainat will advise Javier Sardá to sign him in martian chronicles.

The writer was accompanied by her husband, ruben walnut (57), with whom he already three decades of relationship. Most of the time they were separated because the guests wanted selfies constantly, which caused some tiredness in the couple of the finalist of the Planeta telenovela award Diamond Village (2007). Boris was not opposed to praising Barcelona as he “has everything Madrid lacks as an international”, who won applause from the mayorwho scored a pre-campaign soliloquy praising herself for all the good she’s done for the city.

Between greetings, photo sessions and chats with friends, Boris confessed to LOC how he is dealing with so much annoyance with his friend Isabel Preysler (72) as a result of the separation with Vargas Llosa (86). With his piercing gaze through his new glasses, he told the author of these lines that “everyone who is messing with her is very unfair, they crossed the line and the waters shall calm down. They called her cold, calculating, manipulative and that is absolutely false. Isabel has lived a lot, she is passionatedisciplined and a great hostess” and adds that, despite Julio Iglesias (79) having publicly defended her through her main magazine, “Isabel doesn’t need anyone to defend her because he knows very well how he has to react to facts. He is a cultured, correct and kind person.”

If the relationship with the queen of hearts is fluid, with her daughter Tamara (41) it wasn’t since last October, when she participated in an ultra-Catholic congress in Mexico where, according to her, her words addressed to him were misinterpreted.Coletivo LGTBI . Faced with this insinuation of hatred, which she herself denied “because she would never incite it”, Boris rebuked her in an article. Nowadays they still don’t speak, “but I hope everything will be resolved soon over a meal”. At the time They don’t have the invitation to your wedding with Íñigo Onieva (36) on July 8 at the palace The cornerinherited from his father, the V Marquis of Griñón.

At the end of April, Boris will take another step in his career because he will fulfill his dream at Teatro de la Zarzuela because “I wrote an opera libretto with music by Lucas Vidal. I’m really excited because it’s something I’ve been thinking about for many years and it’s going to become a reality. I have no words to explain what I feel.”

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