villarealyou will receive on March 12 in
the potteryat the
Day 25for the


Pair (MVP)

Ball possession: 29% – 71%

Goal attempts: 6 – 16

Goal shots: 0 – 6

Corners: 2 – 10

Faults, crashes: 11 – 10

Yellow cards: 2 – 4

Red cards: 0 – 0

Total passes: 228 – 571

Completed passes: 172 – 520

Attacks: 68 – 107

Dangerous Attacks: 30 – 77

From the scythe: “Today was difficult for us. We closed well inside but we didn’t get the counterattack we wanted and they kept putting us behind and in the end the goal came out. They have very quality players and if you give them half a meter they score a goal . The championship is very long, there are games like that but you have to lift your head and go on to the next one”.

Geraldo Moreno: “We are very happy because we deserved the victory. We looked for that in the first and in the end the goal came out in the second. We had to be patient, everyone has things at stake and points are worth gold, we know how to read the game, wait for our moment and in the end he arrived. I’m fine, I feel fine, and what I need is to train and play, and update myself”.

Finish the game at Power Horse Stadium!
! The 3 points fly to Villarreal!

put her
stone of the band and before arriving
Darktry to clean
he is, and the star on the stick. We have a new corner!

the celtic for a fight without the ball and the coffee grower for protesting from the bench.

they leave
Chukwueze and Baena

to type
Lo Celso and Mojica

Villarreal lands in the middle with a goal from ‘Comandante’, and a second assist from Samu Chukwueze.

Almeria 0-2 Villarreal

for a lack in

He leaves
Alberto Moreno

goes into

He leaves
of the scythe

goes into
Lázaro Vinicius

The submarine is ahead thanks to its flagship!

Almeria 0-1 Villarreal

He leaves
Luis Suarez

goes into

they leave
Pines and Earth

to type
Gerard Moreno and Capoué

Due to an untimely failure to

for a step

By hitting with the arm

perfect ball of
baena for
yeremiwhat is ahead
Marine and looking for the pipe, he cannot define why
Marine He covered perfect and saved the first one. Tremendous stop! And there is a corner!

Start the second half at Power Horse Stadium

they leave
Fernando, Akieme and Embarba

to type
Mariño, Centelles and Samu Costa



Ball possession: 24% – 76%

Goal attempts: 1 – 7

Goal shots: 0 – 1

Corners: 0 – 4

Faults, crashes: 5 – 6

Yellow cards: 1 – 0

Red cards: 0 – 0

Total passes: 104 – 333

Completed passes: 82 – 303

Attacks: 32 – 64

Dangerous Attacks: 6 – 43

Game break at Power Horse Stadium

Catch you
chukwueze with a wire and very little angle and the ball on the tip has no effect and ends up going outside.

center of
towers on the left and on the farthest pole, he entered with everything
foyth, which ended with a header. How Fernando got mad because he missed the target

First card of the game to stop
baena no option to throw the ball. And carries suspension!

shot from
terraces close to the stump of the pole and
Fernando He manages to put up a very good hand and ends up blocking. Oops!

center with music
shave for
baptist to the near post and the Brazilian’s shot goes too far. The first light of the match!

Start the game at Power Horse Stadium

Field draw and… Let’s get started!

Will the yellow submarine score today before the break? We will see!

Samu Costa
appeared before the media to review news from the
after having completed one hundred games for the Andalusian club, following the 1-0 victory over
The last Sunday.

for your part,
setienyou won’t be able to count on
Coquelin, and Jorgensedue to injury, and
threesomes by sanction.

In the warning section,
De la Hoz, Ramazani, Akieme and Eguaras they are on the Andalusian side and only
baena on the side of Castellón.

Jose Luis Morales is in a sweet moment. the front of
villarealthat has served as a reference in recent games in the absence of
Geraldo Morenocould see the door before him
Mallorca and in front of
villarealand want to do it next weekend before the

It was a very intense match lived in the
city ​​of valenciawherein
Almeria advanced through
Honeymoon, beyond the average for the game. In the second part,
baena equalized before being sent off for a double yellow. At 94′, in extremis,
jackson made 2 to 1 and left the three points at home for the delirium of the crowd.


“If we let him run, Villarreal will hurt us”

The technician of
Almeria notified on the eve of the home game against
villareal that their players must leave “with the confidence that they can repeat two great games in a row against two great rivals”, after the historic victory over

He wants to confirm the team’s improvement in Almeria

the coach of
Quique Setiensaid that this Saturday’s game against
Almeria it’s a game for the team
be reaffirmed and maintain what was achieved in the confrontation against the
Getafein which they broke the bad dynamic of four consecutive defeats.

BANK | Jorgensen (ps), Álvarez (ps), Mojica, Cuenca, Mandi, Femenía, Pedraza, Capoue, Lo Celso, Pascual, Gerard Moreno and Jackson

BANK | Mariño (ps), Centelles, Kaiky, Mendes, Pozo, Puigmal, Samú Costa, Eguaras, Lázaro, Portillo, Sousa and Ramazani


The match can be watched live via
Movistar+ LaLigabut it will be possible to follow minute by minute this narration of
sports world

Almeria It is
villareal play this saturday
Power Horse Stadium a duel in which both competitors seek r
to assert themselves in their respective ascentsafter the victories reaped in the last round, the locals against the
barcelona and the people of Castellón in front of the

For his part, he
Almeria ranks sixteenth with
25 points. those of
Ruby They come from an important victory against
barge and hopes to continue extending the unbroken streak to escape a relegation that is just 2 points behind.

Almeria It is
villareal today they dispute their duel corresponding to the
day 24 in
Santander League at the
Power Horse Stadium. He
Almeria16th place, faces today the
villareal, which occupies the 7th position. The meeting will start at
4:15 pm
hours and in this preview we will be telling you everything that happens until the beginning of it.

Great match we have ahead of us. Let’s start!