Take advantage of this great offer from Amazon to try Audible absolutely free.

Amazon has a gift for Prime users, but for a limited time
Amazon Prime subscribers can enjoy many benefits

the signature of amazon prime includes many advantages for users such as free shipping or exclusive offers. It’s not just about discounts on different products, but Amazon launches special sales to use its services frequently. From now on, the offer returns to try Audible completely free for 3 monthsone of the best Amazon platforms that contains the best audiobooks. Here we tell you how to get this promotion, since it will only be Limited time.

Amazon’s subscription service includes platforms such as main video any Prime Gaming. They are focused on series, movies and video games, respectively. But many users do not know about the existence of Audible and it is quite interesting for book lovers. It’s a huge catalog of audiobooks whose subscriptions cost €9.99 per month. Prime users can take advantage of this Amazon promotion to get 3 months of free Audible without additional costs or commitments. That means you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you haven’t opted out, Audible will automatically renew at its usual price of €9.99 per month after the trial period. So it’s an offer for save up to 30 euros to a very popular and complete platform that will allow you to enjoy books in another way. Many users already buy digital books, but Audible is a different way to access books classic and current. The only requirement is be an Amazon Prime customerbut the rest of the users also have available a period of 30 days to try Audible for free.

Get 3 months of Audible for FREE

All the benefits of Audible

Free Audible with Amazon Prime

Audible is a service for audiobooks, podcasts and other content

Audible is an Amazon service with its own individual fee. Has much original content that you won’t find on any other platform as it contains over 90,000 audiobooks and podcasts, some narrated with voices known from the Spanish scene. A good example of this is the classic version of Alice in Wonderland with Michelle Jenner as narrator or Sherlock Holmes with José Coronado. In addition to thousands of audiobooks for all agesyou can find very popular podcast shows.

By now you might be wondering where can you find audible. In addition to having access to the web, it has a very intuitive application for iOS and Android to listen to audiobooks on your mobile device. So you can listen to the entire Audible catalog without limits and even No internet connection. This Amazon service is also compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, which you can ask for through your favorite content.

Get 3 months of Audible for FREE

To take 3 free months of Audible too easy. You just need to enter the promotion page, an exclusive offer for Amazon Prime Users. But remember that it will be available for a limited time. So you can enjoy all the content on Audible for 90 days at no additional cost and you can unsubscribe at any time. After the trial period, this service will have a monthly cost of 9.99 euros, but with the offer you can save 30 euros in total.

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