alice: asylum It would be the third installment of alice after a great Alice: Madness Returns, but the game that came to Praça(playable on Steam Deck), ps3 and the Xbox 360 loses power due to problems with EA and the IP.

The attempt by the American McGee to create a trilogy in the saga that began with Alice from American McGeecame to an end“for not having control of the license which resides entirely with Electronic Arts.

In a public statement via McGee’s Patreon, the developer said he had “exhausted all options for a new Alice game to be created“.

All this comes after the owner of this IP”decide to exit the project based on an internal review of intellectual property, market conditions and production proposal details“.

McGee himself explains that “shortly after finishing the Bible, I was talking to EA again about our efforts to release a new game.

They received this Design Bible along with a production plan (prepared in collaboration with Virtuos Games) outlining the timeline, budget, crew and design for the production of the new game.“.

But the creative and video game designer comments that, after weeks of analysis, “EA came back with an answer to fund or license Alice: Asylum.

In terms of funding, they finally decided to exit the project based on an internal analysis of the IP, market conditions” and the details mentioned above.

At EA Play there are other clearly defined interests

However, despite having rejected the project, Electronic Arts was also unwilling to relinquish the license. “When licensing her, they responded that Alice is an important part of EA’s game catalog and licensing or selling her is not something they are prepared to do right now.added McGee.

At this point, we’ve exhausted all options for a new Alice game. With such responses from EA, there is no other way to move forward with the project.“.

McGee ends his remarks by saying he doesn’t have “no other ideas or energy to apply to making a good Alice game“and confirm not to have”control over Alice’s IP and no ability to create anything new“.

He thanked the artists and designers who have worked on the project so far, as they were “funded through Patreon“.


Alice Madness Returns Trailer

Finally, I want to extend a bittersweet thanks to our Patreon followers.McGee said.I know this is not the expected result. And I feel mixed emotions that make me sick to think that all the money, hope, ideas and love that went into this effort […]

We knew this adventure could fail. But we wanted to believe in impossible things and we had fun doing it until the moment when reality settled in our Wonderland.“.

It is said that when a door closes, a window opens.”and I hope that for all of you, that closing of life to other adventures and dreams“.

As we read on Eurogamer, Alice: Asylum was part of the exclusive “collective design process” by McGee and was put together in consultation with her 3,000+ Patreon patrons.

but finally Alice Asylum as sequel and third part of the saga after Alice: Madness Returns this will not be done since EA has control of the IP and prevents American McGee from developing it.