After being absent from his duties in charge of The Anna Rose Program at the end of last week, Ana Rosa Quintana returned to command on top It was this morning that the master of ceremonies started a new week, hogging the media spotlight with a visual more flattering and rejuvenating in equal parts, thus demonstrating that there is no hairstyle that can resist it.

Ana Rosa Quintana in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

On this last occasion, the journalist opted to further intensify, if possible, the tone of your blonde hair with a cut leprechauns the most modern and very similar to the one he wore last October, when he returned to Telecinco’s morning television space after having been resting at home and recovering from breast cancer. At that time, the communicator left everyone speechless by leaving her traditional medium-length brown hair anchored in the past to give way to a completely renewed image of herself that has evolved over the weeks to adapt to new trends such as the dark blonde, tone which Ana Rosa herself chose and became the favorite of all those who had already used a similar color, but colder.

Ana Rosa Quintana in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

In this way, the communicator demonstrated that she had made a 180-degree turn in her personality as a result of the illness that jeopardized the continuity of her program. Possibly with all the pain in her heart, it was in November 2021 that Ana Rosa approached the camera to confess to the public the malaise she suffers from and why she decided to leave the set indefinitely. What no one could imagine is that this bump in her path would only make her stronger, returning to work with the renewed energy emotionally and physically, which is why he took a step he had been thinking about for years: dyeing himself blonde. A color with which he seems to have bonded wonderfully and which already shines, both in darker and lighter tones, since last October, having made this one of his great brands.

Ana Rosa Quintana in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

Despite the fact that over the days the presenter’s hair has grown to adapt to a cut known as a mullet, the protagonist has shown that she is not willing to use the same image as a few months ago, so she returned to cut it for the chase with it golden blonde as main ally and some less striking glasses that give the final touch to an Ana Rosa for whom the years do not pass.

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