If you like games like Undertale, you won’t want to miss the game we’re going to talk about today. Meg’s Monster is the new title from Odencat, a company known for making the most exciting games. And this, being his most ambitious work to date, is no exception. If you want to know what he proposes this tender story between a girl and a monsterDo not hesitate to continue reading.

trip to the underworld

The history of Meg’s monster begins with a girl named Meg (who knew), who wakes up in a strange world wanting to see his mother, whose whereabouts are unknown. It won’t be long before he encounters two monsters, roy and golan. The second will want to eat her, while the first will come to the conclusion that she must be protected and escorted to her mother for one simple reason: Every time this girl cries, the world starts to shake., as if it were going to end. In this way, it will be the mission of these two monsters take care of meleading her to her mother and stopping her from crying to prevent the apocalypse.

Without going into further details of the plot, We can confirm that it is quite ingeniousmaking us take affection to the characters and move us with the end of the story. Also, throughout its development, we found another twist in the script that we did not expect, something typical of Odencat games in general.

A varied gameplay

Meg’s monster is an RPG game in which we will have to travel through the underworld while fighting different monsters. There are no random encounters, so every encounter is part of the story. O the fights will be in turnsand in them we will have to use Roy to protect Meg from taking damagepreventing her from crying. In most of the confrontations we’ll find some minigames to make the adventure more dynamic, such as play rock, paper, scissors, or tackle a curious game of cards Funny.

Outside of confrontations, we can also get itemstalk to various characters, perform the odd short-lived side quest to better understand its origins and face the occasional additional minigame for a changelike that which consists of climbing a mountain without falling.

Artistically it’s a joy, but…

Although its gameplay is quite simple, Meg’s Monster stands out for having a very cool audiovisual section. From him world in pixel art it is very well done, and its soundtrack (including the music at the end) we like them a lot. It’s a shame that the spanish translation is not up to the task at our discretion, sometimes the final result squeaks to the point that we end up playing in English to enjoy the experience more.

Completing Meg’s Monster can take around 5 hours, so it’s a fairly short game that you can complete in a couple of afternoons. Regarding the technical part of the game, We didn’t have any kind of incident.so the title works perfectly.


Without a doubt, Meg’s Monster felt like a short but very enjoyable experience.. Its exciting story with plot twists, its fun combats and its artistic style and soundtrack are remarkable, and they make the game worthwhile despite being a short and rather simple title. Now, we can only wait to see what the next thing the odencat surprise us. By the way, they are on the right track!

Meg’s monster is now available digitally for Nintendo Switch and other platforms, don’t let him escape!