Despite many not being aware of its announcement, the past Japanese Nintendo Direct brought us several games that none of us expected, but that promised a lot. one of them was Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo, a horror-thriller visual novel based on a series of mysterious urban legends from Japanese folklore. Us we already played the gameand that’s why we bring you its review so you can judge for yourself if it’s an adventure that convinces youfor us of course it does!

A fight for the Rite of Resurrection

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The history of paranormal vision It takes us to a Japan where old color televisions or telephone booths are still everyday things. Here, various characters investigate a series of Japanese mysteries found scattered all over Honjo (Royal Ward of Sumida, Tokyo). All this with the aim of being able to perform a resurrection rite that allows them to bring back to life whoever they want. However, it will become a kind of macabre challenge in which evil spirits will be involved. A kind of royal battle what a mix Mirai Nikki It is Death note in a unique narrative and very different from what we usually see in titles of this style. We can’t say more for do no damage.

Like a visual novel, the script for paranormal vision continually strive to break the fourth wall with all kinds of occurrences. As soon as we start playing, an eccentric narrator will welcome us, introducing us to the main story of the game and its characters. Throughout the plot, we will have to incorporate several of them into a chapter structure. Sometimes, to advance in the story of a character, we will have to have completed certain chapters of another. All this to give rise a global history that we can only understand when we have addressed the different points of view that is presented to us

Dealing with ghosts is not easy.

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At first glance, what catches the most attention paranormal vision It is your visual sectionwhich is mainly carried out by Gene Kobayashi. This artist is known for having also designed the characters for The World Ends With You series, another popular RPG for Square Enix that you will surely know. O soundtrack comes from Hidenori Iwasakithat shines brighter than ever with a job that knows how to provide a great environment to the set. The game does not have voice acting, however, it allows you to change the volume of the voices in the game from the menu. This has its argumentative reason, and is that as we mentioned before, the game uses all kinds of tricks to break the fourth wall and be pleasantly surprised.

Some things about the title that caught our attention are the lack of localization in spanish (something strange in Square Enix productions) and touch screen compatibility. As the game will also be released on computers and mobile phones, we can choose to control it with a cursor, as well as using our finger to perform different actions. The title’s gameplay will be based mainly on choosing where to go, explore our surroundings in a 360 degree angle and interact with objects and characters to talk to them. This, in a way, brings much more dynamism and intrigue to the adventure than traditional visual novels, approaching what games in the genre like Professor Layton or Ace Attorney, to name a few, offer.

A very unique experience

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In summary, Paranormasight is a very unique and enchanting experience who knows how to blend terror and suspense perfectly. As a visual novel it is more than remarkable, despite certain sections where can get a little obtuse due to its peculiar structure. Either way, it’s a game that lovers of horror visual novels and shocking plot twists will love. One new hidden gem for the Nintendo Switch catalog that few players will get to experience, but which they are sure to end up loving dearly.

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo is available for Nintendo Switch in digital format through the platform’s eShop. If you like horror games with a touch of mystery, You have to try!

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