the next spring It is a time marked by instability in relation to the meteorology. This natural definition is usually felt when the rains arrive and the impossibility of making predictions several days in advance.

However, the thermal section does not escape the changeable character of the new era, of which only book a meager week. For this reason, these last days of winter will entail a continuous oscillation between episodes of heat and other strips more typical of the moment of the year we met.

This will be, in general terms, the trend over time Andalusia (and especially in Spain as a whole) according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

For this reason, it is vital to periodically consult the different forecasts for avoid colds for lack of shelter a day significantly less hot than the previous one or, otherwise, take more ‘layers’ from the account when a notable increase is expected compared to the previous day.

Remembering the umbrella will be less of an issue, considering that rain is hardly expected throughout the week. In Seville and Córdoba they are only scheduled for Friday, and with cloudy intervals. In Granada, on Saturday, and in Jaén, on both days.

The specific cases

The city of Cadiz It is a clear example of peaks in the evolution of temperatures, something especially remarkable for being completely surrounded by the sea and its dampening effect on the thermometer. This Wednesday the maximums rise 4º (23º), to drop two on Thursday. On that day, what will rise strongly will be the lows, which will go from 12º to 16º. On Saturday, the extremes will be 13 and 18.

O Andalusian capital You will see this Wednesday as Mercury go up five degrees at its maximum value (27th) compared to the hottest moment on Tuesday (22nd). On Thursday, it will rise by one more, before falling to a maximum of 23 on Friday. Lows, on the other hand, will follow an uptrend from the 8th of this morning until the 13 foreseen For Friday. Then they will drop sharply to 10th, which will continue through the weekend.

Similar Aemet deck predictions for cordoba, where the most striking occurs in the second half of the week. The minimums fall five degrees (22º) in relation to Thursday (27º), in a change of day that brings a high of three degrees in the minimums (11º). The start of the weekend offers an inverse scenario, as the lows drop to 7th while the highs remain the same.

However, the cities where the greatest thermal drop will be felt are in the eastern half.

On the one hand, it stands out Grenade. Although the maximum increases are three by three degrees (from 22º on Tuesday to 25º on Wednesday and 28º on Thursday), when Friday arrives there will be a real collapse in this regard: seven degrees less in the hottest range of the day (21º).

For another, jaén, where the same descent will be experienced but with colder values. Aemet forecasts the 11th and 26th for Thursday and the 9th and 19th for Friday,

so much in Almeria as in Huelva although there are variations, they will be minor. Finally, in Malaga the most notable drop in temperatures will occur for this Wednesday, with maximums five degrees below (21º) those recorded on Tuesday (26º).