How about we take the holes out of the equation and put in air?

Are you afraid of needles?  You'll clap your hands when you see the ingenious new injection technique
Needle injections could be a thing of the past in a few years. unsplash

The world is constantly evolving and that means the industries that drive it are too. In the last decadesWe managed to watch exploded of the most avant-garde technologywhat made us meet inventions This can be apply in medicineas can be the case with biobots.

Now, thanks to the publication of an investigation carried out by scientists from the University of Texas, whose discoveries will be revealed in the framework of the next sessions of the American Chemical Society, we know how the needles it could lose weight about injections.

Exchange needles for air in a system that could revolutionize the medical sector

According to the information that has been published on EurekAlert, the injections of the future Could be administered by air and not needles. And is that everything had its to start because of the boredom caused by Quarantine in pandemic. He Dr Jeremias Gassensmith was made with a compressed gas injection system during that time and when classes resumed He gave one of his studentsYalini Wijesundara, with the phrase: ‘Let’s see what you can do with it’.

O student already I had sailed earlier with this type of device and he knew that they had been used to inject fluids, although they had been discarded because of their inconveniences, such as leaking the fluid and infecting others. However, he thought, if these devices could inject solidsyes they really toolssince they could include the so called MOF, metalorganic structures, which could be used to encapsulate proteins and other types of materials. and soThus was born the ‘MOF-Jet’a device capable of projecting substances in the form of dust into cells, simply with a breath of air.

Already there are similar productslike the ‘genetic weapons’, which are used in the veterinary field, but which are very expensive. These weapons inject biological substances linked to metallic microparticles, usually gold or tungsten, through the air. In this case, the invention of the outstanding student uses ‘imidazolate zeolite structures’what is it? cheaper than other substances such as gold and, in addition, protects biological materials like nucleic acids.

Between the Future uses of the ‘MOF-Jet’and something that is already starting to be tested today, the team of researchers claims that their invention can be used in sessions of chemotherapy or in adjuvants, substances that modulate the immune response to a vaccine, for melanoma treatments. and is that this injection method is more convenient in most cases as it spreads over a larger area than a needle would. What is more, using carbon dioxide instead of air, the merchandise introduce into the body release much faster.