There is a declaration of Fernando Alonso at a press conference after the classification of the Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix that went unnoticed. “We are not yet in a position to fight for victory with Red Bull”. This “still” speaks of the illusion and hope that the Asturian and Aston Martin have to improve the very good base of cars that they showed in the first two races of the year to be able to approach those of Milton Keynes. the superiority of Red Bull It’s great to start, but the head of the green team, Mike Krackmade it clear that its disadvantage in relation to energy drinks should decrease as the weeks go by.

“The season is long. I don’t think Red Bull will keep their distance. We still have two great teams behind us that will do everything to catch up. The viewer must be patient and continue watching Formula 1”, said Mike Krack in testimonials collected by the ‘Speedweek’ portal. The Main Team at the Silverstone box set a clear warning to its competitors of the illusion that the factory has to continue to improve the car from now on, with a very well-structured evolution plan.

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Fabio Marchi

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Fabio Marchi

Krack and Fernando Alonso himself already said before the start of the course that Aston Martin’s plan is to change “two-thirds of the car” from now until the end of the course. So far, they have fulfilled their first objectives excellently: they have confirmed their great performance in two very different races, being the second best car in both only surpassed by the two Red Bulls. And from there, Krack warns that the improvements will come.

Fernando Alonso started the year with Aston Martin with two podiums and now the team wants to get closer to Red Bull


Tranquility exudes from his words, that the plan is running its course and that everything is under control. That same confidence in everything they do was seen in the tests and in the first two race weekends, always focused on the car itself, without leaving the track in the work plan and without overdoing it. Point that gives to be very optimistic about what is to come.

“The Pieces Will Come”Krack highlighted, making it clear that he does not intend to deviate from the script, aware of the importance of producing production parts that will be positive for the car, without rushing, but taking the correct measures at all times, taking into account the limitation of costs and hours available for CFD and wind tunnel simulations.

Fernando Alonso has claimed two podiums in the first two races of the 2023 F1 route

“We have to consider: what do you do, when and where do you pay the costs. If you take a lot of pictures directly, you won’t get any more later. You have to decide depending on where your car is.”he commented.

more time to evolve

It must be remembered that Aston Martin has by regulation 37% more hours than Red Bull to use the wind tunnel and carry out its simulations. It is a world compared to those of Milton Keynes, which started very strong precisely because of this, aware that they could improve less than the green car.

Aston Martin is a new car

There’s more room for improvement

Furthermore, the Red Bull is an evolution of last year and has less room for improvement than an Aston Martin AMR23, which is a new car.

Red Bull, with its new car from last year, improved a lot from the beginning to the end of the year. Aston Martin wants to do the same with its car. Mike Krack is confident he can catch up and his enthusiasm, that of the factory and that of Fernando Alonso, is enormous.