ANDIn a sport where a tenth can be synonymous with historic achievements and absolute failures, Fernando Alonso he managed to adapt and play with the situation like a tightrope walker who dances on his rope many meters high. At the Bahrain GPthe Asturian pilot once again left speechless everyone who saw him cross the finish line with his AMR23 in third position.

Without adverse or changeable weather conditions, without abandoning calls to the podium and without a successful strategy different from the others. Pure rhythm. That was how the Asturian managed to return to the podium to 99th time in his sporting career: 41 with Renault, 12 with McLaren, 44 with Ferrari, 1 with Alpine and last with Aston Martin.

The moments of a magical podium for Alonso: the fight with the return of Hamilton, the image of Leclerc…

The implausible as always

Let’s look back at Bahrain 2022. Aston Martin ranks 17th and 19th on a Saturday to forget the British team. On Sunday in the race, after the retirements of Verstappen, Pérez and Gasly, Hulkenberg is last in the first grand prix of the year. Stroll also failed to get the AMR22 into the points. A year later, on the same circuit, Alonso managed to get on the podium with the AMR23. Last on the podium in a season.

A heroism that is hardly repeatable. In fact, It only happened once in the history of F1 with a common denominator, Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard won the 2010 Bahrain GP with his new team, Ferrari. A year earlier, Raikkonen was last on the Melbourne Park circuit after some problems with his car. Last on the podium in a season, again.

Alonso with the podium trophy in 2010 and 2023.

The Aston Martin improvement

Not only the Asturian pilot is capable of achieving the impossible. Aston Martin is the team that has improved the most compared to last season’s times. Gone are those who, a priori, would be its main competitors on the grid, Alpine and McLaren. Aston Martin has placed itself on another step, that of the big ones, along with Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. All far from his improvement, although his single-seater base for the 2022 season has been much more successful.

Improved seconds in the 2023 season

All eyes, including those of Red BullThey look sideways at the same person Dan Fallowshead of aerodynamics aston martin and Head of Green Team Improvement. Marko Helmutmentor Dan Fallows, has a controversial opinion about the new AMR23: “Today we had three Red Bulls on the podium.”

In aston martin They did not respond to the Austrian national team’s accusations. The AMR23 was born as “a 90% new car”. Dan Fallows was full of praise for Fernando Alonso: “I think he has been impressive from the moment he got in the car. He always corrects and comments what is expected of someone with his level of experience”. Both are responsible for the fact that in aston martin, miracles became certainties.