d.ani onions He is one of the players whose contract expires in three months and who, due to what he has shown with his football, has become a coveted piece. The market and Real Madrid’s decision to wait a bit put him on display. If in the month of January several clubs in the premier and they all received a negative response, now is the Athletic from Madrid the one who insists on knowing the will of a madridista, who is still waiting for some gesture from the leaders of the white entity.

Real Madrid wanted to let the intense months of February and March pass before proceeding with the renewals of the seven players who are coming to the end of their contract. In their own way, and in different ways, the leaders designed the main lines of what they want with each of their players in the previous months. One of them is Dani Ceballos, who during the cold winter managed to show that his football is valid for the current Real Madrid.

It is striking that, as he confessed BRAND the football player himself, no one from the madrilenian entity has sent him any message so far. This circumstance did not go unnoticed by other teams, who were interested in the situation and intention of the Andalusian midfielder. One of them is the Athletic from Madrid. Even twice an emissary of the rojiblanco club asked Ceballos, the last one a few weeks ago.

Ceballos: “I don’t want renewal if I don’t deserve it”

MARCA reported at the time the first of the movements of the rojiblanco club. Well, now the absence of news of a possible renewal agreement has been repeated before. It must be remembered that the relationship between Real Madrid and Atlético is practically broken or at least low. Therefore, there is no obstacle that prevents the movements made by the rojiblanco Club.

Ceballos has given priority to Real Madrid, but he wants the eventual renewal to come to him on his own merits, which is why he does every time he enters the field with the white shirt of Real Madrid. He will respect the times established by the directive, but the calls follow each other. The absence of messages about its continuity from the Valdebebas offices makes us think about the club’s intentions regarding its future. Against this background, Atlético de Madrid does not want to miss the opportunity to count on the Spanish international.

In the coming weeks, Real Madrid will put the continuation of the competition at stake, both in Cup as champions Turns on. The priority for its directors is in the competition and not in sitting down to negotiate renewals or possible signings. They want to let the next few weeks pass before making any moves, but they also understand that the players in question have been able to commit to third-party teams. They are within their rights to do so..

From Valdebebas they make it clear that they are not going to enter auctions. When the time comes, they will transfer interest and offer if they want players who terminate the contract to remain linked to the Madrid entity.

In the case of Ceballos, it must be recognized that for a long time it was considered that he had completed his stage at Real Madrid. His football managed to reverse the situation and now doubts have settled over his future. in the previous match Norway He once again showed that his football continues to grow and contribute with interesting things, in this case for the Spain of Luis De la Fuente.