ORA mark of other times, of other cultures, of other ways of understanding the management of a club. A trait that transcends borders, that resists the urgency of results and that, far from being erased, is perpetuated over time. A figure capable of becoming the most accurate metonym to refer to Atlético de Madrid. A heritage piece of football history. A legacy that reserves a place for eternity on the world’s Olympus of coaches. Diego Pablo Simeone no longer belongs to the terrestrial world, but lives under the condition of legend. But live, without any insurmountable barrier that allows you to risk limits in your path.

The 613 games he overcame last Saturday Luis Aragones not only convert cholo on the man with the most appearances on the bench Athletic, but also in the coach who most often managed a Spanish team. By the way, a week before he had also pulverized another record of a myth of our League as Miguel Munozbeating (curiously at his house in the Santiago Bernabeu) his career-high 424 games led consecutively to the same team, the real Madrid in your case, in the national championship.

Without trainers who have shadowed Spain in terms of parties taking the reins of their team (although some like Miguel Muñoz himself enjoyed a longer period, lasting 15 years), Simeone’s records oblige him to seek comparable cases at the international level. Going back in time and going back to the 19th century, only 22 appear in the entire continent (except Guy Roux at the assistant, Valery Lobanovsky at the kyiv dynamo It is Thomas Schaf at the Werder Bremen they all developed their long careers in English, Scottish or Irish teams) as representative as El Cholo del Atlético is today.

It seems unthinkable that one day he could come close to the 1,612 games he played in William Maley led to glasgow celtic over 43 years in the first half of the 20th century, although nobody imagined that Simeone could revive a club recently eliminated from the Cup by a Second B and lead it to discuss titles with Real Madrid and barcelonacaressing two champions along the way, over the 11 years in which he brought Atlético to a dimension never known before.

Eleven years transforming the history of Atlético

is also far top ten coaches who play more than 1,000 matches for the same club. However, following his own example, quality is much more valuable than quantity. So, although your eight titles (two Leagues, a Cup, two Europa Leagues, two European Super Cups and one from Spain) are surpassed by the 38 of alex ferguson at the Manchester United30 of Lobanovski at Dynamo Kyiv or 17 of arsene wenger at the Arsenalthe day-to-day (game by game) that works as Cholo’s engine and that explains his longevity in office throws a 58.5% win rate that allows you to address the larger. In fact, by the percentage of victories, the Argentine would occupy the fifth place at the Olympus to which he ascended.

He knows well what it means (he too has suffered), the most successful technician that Arsenal has known. After 1,235 games behind him (57.2% wins) and 22 years of setting his everlasting mark, Arsene Wenger would manage his last two games in continental competition lamenting how Simeone deprived him of the eighteenth trophy that would have been the perfect finishing touch to his career after eliminating him from the semifinals of the Europa League 2018 that would end up in Atlético’s shop windows.

“It’s a great conquest, I congratulate. He commitment and the regularity It’s the most difficult thing for the elite”, says the current FIFA development director after seeing how Cholo’s career already filled the encyclopedia of the most relevant coaches on the planet of football.

A roofless climb into eternity

Convinced from the beginning of his career on the bench that one day he would receive a call from the club that had already marked him as a player, with the same passion that that January 7, 2012 laid the first stone in The Garden of Rosesguided by the feeling that roots him with the most passionate of fans, without losing an iota of energy to continue reaping happiness, and happy to be in the place where he just wants to be is how Simeone built the enormous work with which he has been implanted in Atlético ( in the more than 80 years prior to his messianic landing, rojiblanca showcases barely had 23 trophies) the habit and mentality of winning.

And of course, without looking beyond a tomorrow in which, for now, it will also surpass the world record holder. BundesligaThomas Schaaf, in yet another example that his game by game is world legend.