Atlético 0-1 Real Madrid

vikandi He just had to put his foot down and push the ball, but he missed. The Bilbao striker, who has already seen the goal clearly, takes his hands to his head.

center of
Jiménez from the right wing measured to the arrival on the second line of
Peace. His shot was loud, but he was really alone.

New foot piece
olabarrieta that received with plenty of space to face the defense of Real Madrid. He’s crossed too far, but that’s the way to go for lions.

The second half starts at the Reino de León Stadium!

ATHLETIC | saints

REAL MADRID| Pol Fortuny

Game marked by very clear chances throughout the first half that ended in a goalless draw. He
real Madrid He dominated the game from the beginning, creating many clear scoring opportunities, but without ending up putting a player in trouble.
saints that he’s been very good in the ones he’s had to block. He
Athletic, has been waiting crouched in his field for the meringues to make mistakes, and that has been the case. The lions have been real danger counters and have also managed to get ahead at various times. The goal hasn’t arrived yet, but we’re sure that sooner or later this will be unbalanced for one of the two teams.

We’ll see what the second half has in store for us in the Kingdom of León!

Relax at the Reino de Navarra Stadium!

One of the best that the meringues had in the entire first half.
yourself He came down the left wing with great control facing the back-line. His teammate was unable to finish comfortably and the Bilbao defense served under the posts.

Header that brushes the court of the goal defended by
saints. If he had gone to the door, the lion archer would not have been able to do anything.

They ended up blowing the whistle for offside, but the player
real Madrid He had time to finish the piece. In the one-on-one against the Bilbao goalkeeper, the goalkeeper won again.

And he took one against the Basque team, they were superior in the area but control got out of hand
vizkay and missed the opportunity.

They find a big hole in Bilbao’s defense and
palaces was planted one-on-one in front of
saints who responded wonderfully. There were even two rebounds that landed at the Real Madrid players’ feet, but they couldn’t finish the move.

Start the game in the Kingdom of León!

Field draw and…


Quetglas, Súnico, Sotres, Camero, Mesa, E. Gómez, Borja, Hugo de Llanos, Innkeeper and Ginés


Gamen, Ituarte, Hierro, Albizua, Osipov, Baigorri, Huestamendia, Junkera, Barck and Belategi


On the other hand, the
real Madrid is also the first in its championship, the
Division of Honor Group V. added
63 points in 23 gamesshowing a great superiority in almost all the fights, but he has a sure pursuer, a
Atletico Madrid which adds the same points in the box.

Athletic It is real Madridwith their base categories, face each other today in the semifinals of King’s Cup of this category in Leonese lands. They are looking for passage to the final in a match that promises to be vibrant.

He Athletic He is enjoying a good sporting moment and is winning most of his matches in the honor division. On his part, he real Madrid The under-19s are having a perfect season in all competitions, so they arrive with a lot of confidence.

Great game that we are going to enjoy. The future of Spanish football faces today in the Kingdom of León. Let’s go!