Developer Ironmace is still working on bringing the game back to Valve’s platform.

We are at the end of March and surely the name of Dark and Darker will ring a bell. The game proved to be a pretty solid proposition that appealed to gamers’ tastes, but the The latest news we have about the title is nothing positive for its developers or for the fans. Last we heard, the police had searched the Ironmace offices after being accused of theft.

This is all because Nexon has started a legal dispute as some of the Dark and Darker content is supposedly comes from one of your canceled games. It should be noted that some developers who are now members of Ironmace worked in this company. Furthermore, after denying Nexon’s alleged theft of content, we learned thanks to Games Radar that Dark and Darker has disappeared from Steam.

If we try to go to the Dark and Darker product page, Valve will redirect us to the main Steam page. All this is already negative symptom which is bad news. However, at least the official Ironmace website is still up and this gives small hopes. On the Reddit that the Dark and Darker community formed, they reported that the game’s demise on Steam was gradual. First it was videos, then screenshots, then categories followed until the game finally disappeared from the store.

Fortunately, Ironmace manifested itself with a Communicated through community Discord: “To all our fans, Nexon recently sent us a letter of appreciation cease and desist and a DMCA Takedown Notice on Dark and Darker based on misrepresentation. We are currently working with our legal team to remedy this matter in the best possible way”, explains the development team.

“Due to the sensitive legal nature of this matter, we must be be careful with our statements not to compromise our position. We ask for your understanding as we work to get the game back up and running as soon as possible. We will do everything we can for our fans. Thank you,” concludes Ironmace.

Dark and Darker delighted the community

It’s true that Dark and Darker still doesn’t have a set release date, but that’s a clear indication that the legal dispute will delay the planned content for the game. These additions had already arrived and had happy for more than one. We will be waiting for more news.

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