FC Barcelona does not have the case Messi on the table now, but he doesn’t rule out having it in a few weeks. And just in case, the Camp Nou offices continue to look for alternatives to be able to seduce Lion go back to what was your home, if your will is not to renew with him paris saint germain the contract binding the two parties until June 30. The president laporta He continues to dream of recovering the Argentine star, after the bad experience of the summer of 2021, when after assuring him that everything was going well to guarantee his renewal, he had to end up opening the door due to the club’s ‘fair’ salary . play’ problems. Something that seemed fatal to Messi and that left laporta false and with a thorn that is trying to come out as it is.

The grand illusion in a difficult context

For this reason, and although wage problems persist, if we take as a reference what is said Javier Tebasof the club, ways are being explored to be able to present Messi a convincing and realistic proposal in case you finally want to leave Paris. It is logical and normal for Barça to find it difficult to articulate a competitive offer, given that it is the current ‘The best’ and the leader of Argentina world champion. Soon to be a free agent, Lion can aspire to a big contract either with the psg, your current club, or in some other entity with high economic capacity. At the Premier League exist, as in Qatarus Arab Emirates or in Saudi Arabiacountry now focused on hiring stars to promote its candidacy for the 2030 World Cup. U.S, but on a commercial level it is a big market. In fact, Inter Miami has dreamed of signing him for a long time and MLS is even thinking of offering him a franchise to guarantee his arrival.

[+] Messi and PSG, whistled after the defeat to Rennes:


In this complicated and even adverse context for the FC Barcelona, with The league putting pressure on it to reduce its wage bill by more than 200 million and with the transfer to Montjuic around the corner, what to convince Messi for him to return from July 1st sounds almost like a utopia. And more when the personal relationship with the president laporta it has not officially resumed. At The Best’s last gala, they saw each other from afar, but didn’t say hello. Your father, Jorge Messiyes, he was seen with laporta but in a somewhat cold meeting, according to people familiar with the prisoner from that consultation held in Barcelona.

Messi, in the last match for PSG


an ideal time

In any case, Messi’s option is being analyzed within Barça, however complicated it may seem, because, they point out from the Camp Nou, the human factor has a lot to do with it. that is, if Lion He decides that what he wants is to return home to his family and say goodbye to the club of his life, now is the time. Furthermore, his return would be a great incentive in a complex scenario of transferring to Montjuïc for the Camp Nou works.

a new paradigm

Of course, a possible return of Lion would imply a new paradigm in the Messi-Barça relationship. Because the club’s plan has financial limitations and sporting conditions. At the salary level, Lion should be realistically adapted to a salary that fits the situation of ‘clean game’ From the entity. Of course, the club points to an imaginative solution to give the player a good profit margin: make him receive a percentage of what he himself can generate with his return. There, the range is wide, from some of the benefits of his future homage (box office, TV rights, merchandising), to the benefits generated by the sponsors that his hypothetical return to the culé club would attract. As it is a story with a global impact, it can be understood that an important brand has launched itself to be linked to the barge of a returnee Messi. At PSG, he attracted as many as ten new sponsors.

The club points out an imaginative solution to give the player a good profit margin: agree that he receives a percentage of what he himself can generate with his return.

On a sporting level, it would also be necessary to agree with Lion. There is no doubt about his quality and ability to unbalance, but it is certain that at the age of 36 he will have to adapt to a different role (not playing everything, for example) and to a squad that Xavi Hernandez defines as “a family” and that will now look even more cohesive if La Liga and Copa del Rey fall.

Xavi and Messi after the Champions League final in Berlin 2015

xaviwho always spoke wonders of Lion and has been publicly betting on his return, he has no doubts that, if he wants to return, Messi He would adapt to the current order, but the Argentine continues to be a natural leader on the field and in the locker room, where he has been the first captain with command in the square. In that sense, he would have to adapt, for example, not to play everything.

At the age of 36, if he returns to Barça, Messi will have to adapt to a different sporting role and to a squad that Xavi defines as “a family”.

Barça’s coaching staff sees Barça’s return as “very difficult” Lion but, just like in the offices of the Camp Nouis not considered impossible because in the end the will to Lion and your family. And the Argentine wants to compete for everything, it’s true, but it’s also true that Barça is returning to that path. Winning three games out of four against Real Madrid is not achieved every year.

Messi, pendant from PSG

Meanwhile, on the player’s side there is no news. His father is in negotiations with PSG, who want to renew him, but he is always very attentive to the sports project that is being set up at the club. Princes Park after a new European disaster. In dohawhere those who command most at PSG reside, the continuity of Lion It is the priority objective, but in Paris there are still some difficulties with salary ‘fair play’ after years of large investments. O Messi They have adapted to life in Paris and will obviously listen to PSG as a priority.

Messi, in an iconic image from when he was playing for Barça

The culé changing room, lively

Meanwhile, the Barcelona locker room talks openly about a possible return of the Messi and also under favorable conditions. It would certainly be strange for a football player to speak out against this, but it would not be surprising that, knowing that the subject bothers Lion, runs away depending on what questions about a possible return. Everyone on the team knows it’s very complicated, but no one would want to miss out on a happy ending to the love story between Messi it’s him barge.

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