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Barça started a hard-fought draw at Jaén Paraíso Interior (2-2) in a sensational match in front of a packed Olivo Arena that only the referees tarnished with a refereeing difficult to assimilate that everyone protested. In this way, Jesús Velasco’s team remains in the lead with 56 points, one more than Mallorca Palma Futsal, who add one more game.

Defending champions of the Spanish Cup (for the third time), Dani Rodríguez’s team They showed once again that they are one of the best teams in the current scenario with a very intense and balanced block and with a balance that led them to endure almost the entire second half without excessive problems despite almost not having possession of the ball.

As has been happening throughout the season without being able to remedy it, the party did not start well for Barcelona’s interests. Incidentally, Jesús Velasco’s team started fatally in the sixth minute and found themselves two goals behind and with a problem of fouls that could have cost them in the first half.

At the 3′ mark, a shot by César brushed Dyego and tricked Dídac into the 1-0. The visitors were still out of the game and César kicked low close to the crossbar just before the 2-0, the work of Mati Rosa who passed his medical and signed for Barça and never made his debut. The Argentine pressed and managed to stretch his leg so that Sergio Lozano’s pass escaped into the goal by Dídac, who was waiting for an opening kick.

The blaugrana reaction finally came from the hand of Matheus, who less than a minute later made a sensational move down the right with a ‘small step’ to dribble Espindola and make it 2-1. Seconds later, the tie could have come when Sergio Lozano’s missile hit the crossbar. And from there, alternating dominance phase while the fouls in the Catalan area accumulated.

At 7:52 of the break, the referees called a foul on Ferrão plus a cumulative foul by Sergio González that should leave more than one blush. The result was a double penalty that Chino hit a post and the ball went out after touching the other upright. At that point, Attos was still without a yellow card and Pito and Ferrão had already seen it.

Perfectly directed by Dani Rodríguez, the jiennense team took advantage of the fouls (only had two) to increase the pressure line and Alan Brandi forced Didac to work hard. Pito fired twice at the crossbar and right after the Barcelona goalkeeper deflected Chino’s shot for a corner after a fantastic control in the air.

Disastrous, the referees’ whistles froze in a clear foul by Ferrão on Brandi in the 19th minute, much clearer than at least two of those mentioned above. Despite this, there was still time to another double penalty that Chino tried again and that Dídac thwarted this time extending the hand masterfully in a cross position.

The game returned once again fatal for Barça. Didac went on a tour when he shouldn’t have, Sergio González grabbed Espindola’s shirt with Antonio already in the defensive zone. Despite this, the recent regulation change has condemned the Montcada player to a straight red card that was correct. At least, the team defended perfectly against inferiority with a great Dídac and held on by 2-1. Pito even managed to equalize in those two minutes.

The game entered a very tactical phase that benefited the locals with more possession of the outside ball but it was not clear that Ferrão broke on the corner and his good friend Marcenio with a shot that Espindola stopped with difficulty. And in the other goal after 30 minutes, Dídac made two major interventions in a rowthe second category photographed by Renato.

Ferrão hit the post on the half-turn at 31′ and there were four shots on the crossbar for Jesús Velasco’s men. In fact, there were seven fouls by Barça in the first half and only one in the first 13 minutes of the second… Futsal things are difficult to understand. Or not so much. The match was heated up with a very long whistle from the best fans in Spain, that nearly sold out the Olivo Arena on a Monday. To surrender to them.

The card festival was unhappy and Velasco decided to give Matheus the goalkeeper’s shirt with four minutes to go, but the local defensive network would have to be shown in the technical schools. With a perfectly adjusted help system, Jaén slowed down the circulation of visitors. That yes, At 2:02 they signaled the fifth local foul in accumulation and a non-existent sixth to Míchel. Compensation? Does anyone doubt?

Ferrão took advantage of the ‘ten meters’ to establish a 2-2 1:57 from the end that did more justice. However, the refereeing show was not over yet and Pito received a second yellow card that was difficult to explain with 47 seconds left. With a few seconds to go, Chino put Sergio Lozano in front, but the referees turned Swedish and signaled the end. Scandal that only players from both teams saved by shaking hands despite protests. Too bad, because it was a great game!