the barcelona ripped off a valuable tie at the Olivo Arena Jaén, in a heated and hostile environment, and he had to paddle hard to equalize the Andalusian team’s two opening goals, by César and Mati Rosa, which allowed him to show his great defensive power. After the 2 to 1, by Matheus, cornered barcelona, but with little lucidity, for the local team and ended up rescuing a point a minute from the end in a double penalty that Ferrão launched against an opponent who protested everything and with arbitration that completely lost control. The Barcelona team ended up defending the point with one less for the second yellow card given to Pito for an invented foul.

On a very heated atmosphere at the Olivo Arena in Jaén, Barcelona soon found themselves trailing by two goals, from César and Mati Rosa, and had to paddle hard in search of a difficult comeback, which was placed even harder with the expulsion of Sergio González, the second half only started, for grabbing the local goalkeeper, Espíndola, by the shirt, who left the frame in the transition to take advantage of the fact that Dídac had tried his own personal move without success. The goalkeeper only went for the third local goal and Sergio committed a very clear foul on him in what the referees interpreted as a clear scoring opportunity, although he was not the last defender.

After goals by César and Mati RosaMatheus had quickly reduced the gap, but after that frantic start (three goals in seven minutes) the game entered a phase of attempts by Barcelona and very intense defense by Jaén.

the barcelona lasted two minutes in which he played outnumbered due to González’s dismissal and from then on he tried to surprise Espíndola with shots from Ferrão, Catela, Adolfo or António, with a Jaén that took advantage of Barça’s inaccuracies in the ball exit to configure transitions and put Dídac to the test.

The equalizing goal did not come and in the last few minutes the azulgrana team took advantage of Matheus as goalkeeper-player, but continued to hit against a very well placed Jaén until a foul in the attacking pressure, much protested, was sanctioned with a double penalty, which Ferrão did not miss. The second card for Pito made Barcelona play the last minute with one player less.


JAEN INTERIOR PARADISE: Espindola (p.), Attos, Renato, Míchel, Alan Brandi (five holder), Henrique (p.), Pablo Taborda, César, Wanderson, Chino, Nem, Mati Rosa, Luque, Carlos

FC BARCELONA: Dídac (p.), Antonio, Dyego, Catela, Adolfo (five starters), Feixas (p.), Sergio Lozano, Ferrao, Matheus, Marcenio, Ortiz, Pito, Sergio González

GOALS: 1-0, César, 3′; 2-0, Mati Rosa, 6′; 2-1, Matheus, 7′; 2-2, Ferrão, 39′

JUDGE: González Moreta (Castile and León). Yellow cards for Dani Rodríguez (Jaén coach, 7′), Mattheus (7′), Pito (8′ and 40′), Chino (16′), Pablo Taborda (23′), Alan Brandi (32′), Espíndola (35′), Michel (39′), Pito (40′). Rojas against Sergio González (21′) and Pito (40′), for a double yellow card.

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