ANDl Cazoo Baskonia took advantage of the Euroleague effect in which the Spanish teams participating in the continental competition fell, and placed itself leader in solitary after overcoming Baxi Manresa by 107-92, in a triumph that confirmed the plaza de los azulgranas for the playoffs by the title.


  • 107 – Cazoo Baskonia (27+26+29+25): Heidegger (22), Howard (5), Raieste (5), Dani Díez (6) and Enoch (14) -five starters-, Thompson (6), Marinkovic (9), Giedraitis (9), Kotsar (2), Costello (15) and Kurucs (9).
  • 92 – BAXI Manresa (23+23+25+21): Dani Pérez (8), Harding (24), Sagnia (4), Robinson (14) and Geben (10) -five starters-, Badio (10), Waczynski (2), Vaulet (8), Jou (3), Dani García (4), Olumuyiwa (2) and Steinbergs (3).
  • Referees: Óscar Perea, Alberto Sánchez Sixto and Fabio Fernández. Not excluded. They called Peñarroya a technical foul (min.27).
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-sixth round of the Endesa League played at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria in front of 6,218 spectators.

The Victorians reacted with a treble after a good Catalan start and since then they have not given any lead on the scoreboard to Pedro Martínez’s team, who, however, held on for 33 minutes.

Max Heidegger and Steven Enoch shone in a match that served as praise for both and in which Matt Costello scored the ceiling for Baskonia.

On the visiting side, Jerrick Harding’s sequences were not enough and the group work of Manresa’s team managed to hold the squad in a match that once again surpassed the hundred points for the Basques.

The game started with a lot of rhythm and little defensive intensity from both teams. As a result, the score quickly grew after the first attacks.

Baskonia added 3-3 with an uncharacteristic initial “five”, while Jerrick Harding, author of 12 points in the first quarter, found no defensive opposition every time he faced the basket.

Manresa’s team made the most of the exchange of points and opened the first break after five minutes, 11-17, with a very loose and effective game.

The boldness of the new generation of Manresa sought a reaction to the awakening of Vitória, which started to look at its interior of the game to balance its offensive actions.

But it was the three-kick that once again gave wings to the Basques, who turned the score around and closed the first quarter at 27-23.

Matt Costello seemed to offer more arguments with each attack from Joan Peñarroya’s team, who improved notably with Darius Thompson on track. The Catalans adjusted their defense against Jerrick Harding, who had to dance with Sander Raieste and Arturs Kurucs.

Afterwards, it was difficult for the Catalans to score until Pedro Fernández emerged with a quintet that responded to the local offensive production, embodied in Max Heidegger.

Harding and Robinson multiplied to hook a serious Manresa, who managed to tighten the electronics, 43-42, but a 10-4 run by Barça again increased the gap at halftime, 53-46.

Once again the three-point success stopped Manresa’s reaction after the break. The Catalans entered with a better rhythm and with clearer ideas, but failed to get ahead.

The endless revisions in the “Instant Replay” prolonged a match in which Baskonia failed to start, while Manresa trailed by between one and six points.

But Matt Costello took the lead, up 82-71 with ten minutes to go.

The differences revolved around ten points between the individual flashes of Manresa players like Brancou Badio.

Baskonia did not stop scoring and the duel ended up falling apart. Steven Enoch was accompanied by Costello and Heidegger and despite the fact that the Catalans found the answer of an energetic Robinson, who fought a beautiful internal battle with Enoch until the end 107-92.