Beccacece’s double jeopardy as Elche’s new coachEFE

the choice of sebastian beccacece Take care of Elche CF in the last 12 days of the current season in the First Division and the current situation of the Elche team could carry a double risk.

On the one hand, in On the positive side, the Argentine coach will have the opportunity to get to know the squad, the club, the environment better franjiverde and, mainly, Spanish football, in which he will live his first experience.

However, it can be a double-edged weapon. If Elche doesn’t show abGood image in the next matches and doesn’t get more or less decent resultsthat allow you to leave the highest category with some dignity, he could start his adventure in a ballast way.

beccacece he needs to connect, from the first moment, with both the stands and the locker room. The crowd, in a campaign as special as the Centenary one, was only disappointed. AND He needs to be excited about the upcoming course where the only thing that matters to him is the promotion and the return to the elite of Spanish football, which he has enjoyed in the last three seasons.

If the sensations in the last 12 days do not improve,The first thing they will look at is the owner, Christian Bragarnik., when you are in the box. But, then, quickly, they will go to the bank, because the Argentine coach is a clear bet of the maximum shareholder.

And if, on the contrary, the team You see a progression and a good game, regardless of the resultsBecause Elche’s fans have already shown, more than enough, that they are very generous and that they will respond with very little, They will see in Sebastián Beccacece the philosopher’s stone to cling to to get excited again and dream of promotion next school yearany.

Twelve end of contract

In the case of the squad, Elche’s new coach has three months to analyze it and see which players are useful for the next campaign.

Until twelve players from the current team: the doorman Axel Werner; the defenders Helibelton Palacios, Enzo Roco, Gonzalo Verdú and Pedro Bigas; midfielders Gerard Gumbau and Pape Cheikh; it’s the end Josan Ferrandez; along with those borrowed Álex Collado, Pol Lirola, José Ángel Carmona and Randy Nteka; Contract ends June 30.

The renewal opportunity will depend on his performance with Beccacece and it will be the new manager, together with the property and the technical secretary, Sergio Mantecón, who will decide his continuity in the franjiverde entity.

On the other hand, there are twelve others players: the goalkeeper edgar badiathe Central diego gonzalezthe sides Lautaro Blanco, Carlos Clerc and Nico Fernandez Mercau; the midfielders Omar Mascarell and Raúl Gutithe extremes Tete Morente and Fidel Chavesand the advanced Pere Milla, Lucas Boyé and Ezequiel Ponce; what They have a contract for next the youth team John Chetauya It is Roger Martíwho is on loan to Cádiz.

In principle, the vast majority of them are expected to remain on the Elche team. While others, especially Boyé, Mascarell or Edgar Badia, have made a name for themselves in the First Division and may have offers to leave. However, if they see that the Argentine coach’s work is good and the values ​​for a possible transfer are not to the owner’s liking, they may be convinced to help achieve the goal of promotion and return to play in the highest category of football. Spanish.

Elche’s relegation is almost a reality, but there is a lot at stake in the next three months.

Twelve games ahead to clarify much of the future

Sebastián Beccacece has twelve games to play to lay the groundwork and lay the groundwork for what next season could be. Elche has to host Barcelona, ​​​​Valencia, Rayo Vallecano, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla and Cádiz at Martínez Valero. at home, you will have to visit the fields of Osasuna, Girona, Celta, Almería, Getafe and Athletic Club de Bilbao. Salvation is a true utopia. However, in those twelve games, the Argentine coach will have to draw many conclusions that will serve to make the team that next year tries to rise and return Elche to the First Division.