Tops don’t necessarily have to be expensive pieces, and this Bershka bandeau top is a good example of that. And the coolest top you can have right now.

You will see that it is different colors and it looks great. It’s a perfect solution for the upcoming spring/summer season.

The most comfortable and stylish top

Available in some of the hottest colors like khaki, black and off-white, this top is simple but gets the job done. You can go out with your friends or go to a party feeling cooler in the summer and following the most current trends.

A staple you can’t miss

When buying it, please check the sizes carefully because they range from XS to L, and it is a product designed to be used close to the body. Of course, depending on the tone you have chosen, this will be more or less noticeable. Black is ideal if you want it to look looser.

Of course, in all cases, the Bershka top is made from a blend of 93% polyamide and 7% elastane; both the lining and the outside. This means that you can wash it in the washing machine without any problems, at a low temperature and in a short spin cycle. And also iron.

Once you’ve planned your next look, share it on social media using the username @bershka and the hashtag #bershkastyle. Right there you can find very good outfit ideas including this same piece, so be sure to take a look at the networks and share.

Shipping and Returns

Collection at Bershka stores is completely free of charge and your item will be waiting for you after two or three working days. You have 30 days from the date your order is shipped to return your order if you are not satisfied, and there are two ways to proceed: free in-store returns or good free return on DropOff previously coordinated from its official website.

price and website

It is purchased on the Bershka website and its price it’s only 7.99 euross, in various colors and sizes: from S to L, the XS was there but is no longer available, so you can send an email to be notified when it becomes available again.

You can match it with all kinds of outfits like jeans, denim skirts, midi skirts and more.

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