Flavio Briatore, former boss of Alonso at Renault and a great friend of the Asturian, did not miss the opportunity to send a ‘message’ to Alpine for not wanting to offer him two more years on his contract last year because they had doubts about how well oviedo could perform due to his age. Therefore, after the two podiums conquered by Fernando Alonso in his first two races with Aston Martinthe Italian was clear in defending the figure of the Spaniard and highlighting the leadership he is exercising in the Aston Martin project.

In this regard, Flavio said he accompanied Fernando at the time of his decision to leave Alpine and sign for Aston Martin and highlighted the “will to change” that he saw in the green selection and that he did not see in the French selection.

Flavio revealed that he advised the Spaniard when he had to make a decision when he received the Aston Martin offer, all of that, at a time when Alpine did not want to offer the oviedo more than a year due to its age (41 years old), doubting that his performance could not be affected with time.

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Fabio Marchi

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Fabio Marchi

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“We shared this decision. We took risks. But it was worth it: they offered us two years of contract, while others, with the excuse of age, only one”, he said in clear reference to Alpine. But he also made it clear that the main reason for the decision is that Flavio and Fernando were aware of the ambitious plan of Lawrence Stroll, owner of Aston Martin, and that the green team was gathering all the ingredients to make their team a champion team. .

“But we also knew that Lawrence Stroll was building a great team. Inside, we saw a willingness to change that was not there, for example, at Alpine”he added, sending another accurate dart to the French for the conformism they saw in the blue team.

Fernando Alonso and Flavio Briatore

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“I’ve known Lawrence for 30 years, he’s a true F1 fan, he’s a successful businessman. He started as a sponsor, then he bought Racing Point… He signed a lot of people from Red Bull and other teams: in those teams they were number two or three, while he gave them more responsibility. Invested in a wind tunnel (available next year) and a new site at Silverstone (a huge factory due to start operations this year). If you want to grow, you have to.”he expressed.

As if that wasn’t enough, Briatore also referred to some ideas that have been running through the F1 paddock in recent years regarding Alonso and criticized, again indirectly, that Alpine had doubted his age.

“At 41, he’s faster than a twenty-something. I never had any doubts. They said he was too old, not a team man. Stupid stuff. You just give him a car and he brings it. the results”concluded.

Flavio Briatore, Alonso’s former boss, refers to Alpine and Alonso’s decision to move to Aston Martin

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