Cádiz took advantage of a dark afternoon for Betis, whose players have lost heart since Canales’ dismissal in the 38th minute. The locals have eliminated nine players after Aitor Ruibal’s second red card for hitting Fali in the 60th minute. to a Cádiz that got three vital points in the fight for permanence. Betis, on the other hand, is withdrawing from the fight for the Champions League after the triumphs of Real Sociedad and Villarreal. Those of Manuel Pellegrini must learn an important lesson. As much as refereeing decisions can condition a match, controlling emotions is vital in the development of this sport. Betic’s players, maddened and out of patience, handed the match over to a Cádiz that defended itself with order and was effective. Now, Sergio González’s men are four points from the relegation zone, after winning the first Championship victory at Betis in its entire history.

There is no game in this League, especially when the decisive rounds arrive, that is free from refereeing controversy. Betis worked hard all week, until they resorted to common law, so that Canales could play against Cádiz due to the suspension of four games. In the 38th minute, Cuadra Fernández sent him to the changing room because the Spaniard grabbed Sobrino in the middle of his field, and it is arguable that it would have been a clear goal-scoring opportunity. It is true that Sobrino faced Bética’s area, but also that Edgar could end up hindering Sobrino’s career. Cuadra was adamant and VAR did not correct.

Betis may have their reasons to be upset with the referee’s decision, also produced in an atmosphere at the Bética stadium quite shaken by the punishment against Canales. What the verdiblanca team should also look at is why Cádiz overtook them in intensity in the first half to enjoy clear goalscoring chances, exceptionally resolved by Ruiz Silva with a shot by Bongonda. A slow and non-stop Betis, who speculated too much about the need for a more intense Cádiz, who always arrived before their rivals and who had almost no problems except for a shot by Miranda that grazed Gil’s crossbar.

With Villamarín turned into a melting pot, Alcaraz’s foul touched Miranda’s hand. Clear penalty that Alcaraz converted to make it 0-1. Betis, then, faced with so much adversity and their own mistakes, gave up the game after a double mistake by Aitor Ruibal. First he failed as the last man in a long pass so that Ramos, in a clear counterattack, made it 0-2 when he entered with the ball in the goal of Rui Silva. Then, he hit Fali to see a fair red card. It was Pellegrini himself who intervened to soften the mood of his players, completely out of the game. He took out Miranda, who was also close to being expelled, and brought in Joaquín to smooth things over. The game, in fact, had already ended half an hour before the end, although there were more local errors, such as Abner, who missed just under the goalposts of the visitors. Good victory for Cádiz and a dark day for Betis changed first by the referee and then by the players themselves.

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