CaixaBank was voted Worst Company of the Year by consumers. The banking entity received 39% of the votes in the last edition convened by FACUA-Consumidores em Ação. Along with it, Vodafone and Endesa were nominated, informs the NGO on its website.

Facua (Federation of Associations of Consumers and Users of Andalusia) was created in 1981 to defend consumer rights and since 2003 it has been a national association.

This is the first year that the bank has been nominated for this award, reports Facua. This is an event that this NGO has held since 2010 to censure the serious abuses that occur in the market and to promote more responsible practices in relations between companies. So far, the company that has received the award the most times has been Movistar, no less than five times: it was chosen in the first three and in the seventh and eighth editions.

Voting took place between the 15th and 30th of March. On the same day, the 30th, FACUA announced the winner of the other category of these awards, The Worst (and Most Machista) Ad of 2022, which fell to the Xunta de Galicia for a campaign against gender violence in which it once again focused on victims, blaming them for the way they dress or the hours they spend on the street.

Why did you receive the CaixaBank award?
This edition’s nominees have been the companies with the most complaints at FACUA by consumers in sectors as relevant as telecommunications, energy and banking. In the case of CaixaBank, the causes of the complaints were mainly the refusal to return all the money defrauded in the collection of mortgage formalization expenses, together with the usurious interest on the loans, the collection of abusive commissions and the refusal to return amounts stolen in cases of phishing or smishing.

Worst abuse of the year
Along with the Worst Company award, users also voted for what they felt was the Worst Abuse of the Year by the business sector. Thus, the constant and indiscriminate increase in food prices won, with 58% of the votes, at a time of high inflation and economic crisis.

The other abuses that could be voted on were the banking sector’s commitment to the continuous closure of branches and the refusal to provide face-to-face assistance for basic operations, the indiscriminate use of extremely high interest rates – sometimes usurious – on revolving type cards; and the delay by energy companies in activating the regulated TUR tariff for consumers who requested it, at a time when high energy prices have made prices on the free market much higher than those charged on the regulated market.

Movistar accumulates five awards and Endesa four
Endesa was the winner of the last edition of The Worst Company of the Year, as in the previous two years. In 2018, the award went to Vodafone. Movistar was the worst company in 2016 and also won in the first, second, third and seventh edition. The 2014 Worst Company winner was Gilead, maker of the hepatitis C drug Sovaldi. In the fourth and fifth edition, the award went to Bankia.

In 2020, the vote was not called due to the coincidence of the Worst Company of the Year award with the declaration of the state of alarm.

These were the winners and nominees in the 13 editions held to date:

The Worst Company of 2021: Endesa (winner), Vodafone and Banco Santander

The Worst Company of 2020: Endesa (winner), Vodafone, Banco Santander and Vueling.

The Worst Company of 2019: Endesa (winner), Vodafone, BBVA and Vueling.

The Worst Company of 2018: Vodafone (winner), BBVA, Endesa and Ryanair.

The Worst Company of 2017: Endesa (winner), BBVA, Vodafone and Volkswagen.

The Worst Company of 2016: Movistar (winner), BBVA, El Corte Inglés and Volkswagen.

The Worst Company of 2015: Movistar (winner), Santander, Twitter and Volkswagen.

The Worst Company of 2014: Gilead (winner), Bankia, Orange, Divatto and Repsol.

The Worst Company of 2013: Bankia (winner), Endesa, Iberdrola, Movistar and Vodafone.

The Worst Company of 2012: Bankia (winner), Endesa, Iberdrola, Movistar and Vodafone.

The Worst Company of 2011: Movistar (winner), Bankia, CAM, Vodafone and Ryanair.

The Worst Company of 2010: Movistar (winner), Vodafone, Bankinter, Power Balance and Ryanair.

The Worst Company of 2009: Movistar (winner), Air Comet, Orange, Ryanair and Vodafone.