CaixaBankNow was one of the most downloaded ‘apps’ in Spain in 2022.

• The financial institution is the digital bank with the largest number of digital users in all channels, with 43.4% of the market in the ‘banking’ universe.

• The bank’s strength is especially notable in the mobile sphere, thanks to the strong positioning of CaixaBankNow, one of the most downloaded ‘apps’ in Spain in 2022, and imagin, a mobile-only platform for digital services and lifestyle.

CaixaBank leads digital banking in Spain with a market penetration rate of 43.4% in the ‘banking’ universe, according to data from GfK DAM, the official measure of digital consumption in Spain. Data relating to the audience of the web pages and ‘apps’ of financial institutions operating in Spain during the month of February 2023 place CaixaBank as the digital bank with the highest number of digital users across all channels.

For 2023, the GfK DAM data show a stable trend in the evolution of the shares of the different entities. In particular, in the case of CaixaBank, the data place it more than ten points above the bank with the second highest penetration.

By channels, CaixaBank is also the leader in both the mobile channel and the traditional web. The strength of the entity is especially notable on the mobile channel, with a market position of 38%, a data that includes the use of CaixaBankNow, the reference application for CaixaBank customers, such as imagin, digital services platform and style of life cell phone only. In the case of the web channel, CaixaBank is also the clear leader, with a 34.3% share.

CaixaBank is the financial institution in Spain with the largest user base for its digital channels: 11.2 million customers operate through them.

CaixaBankNow: digital bank that facilitates interaction with the face-to-face sphere

During 2022, CaixaBankNow was in the top-30 of the apps most downloaded in Spain, of all categories. In addition, in the Finance ranking, two of the three most downloaded applications are from CaixaBank: CaixaBankNow and CaixaBank Sign (specific application for digital signature of operations).

CaixaBankNow was conceived to offer online the same level of service that customers have in the branch network, including contracting financial products, digital signature of operations, mobile payment services to make and finance purchases, activation and blocking of cards or sending of money through Bizum, among many other options. Likewise, companies have CaixaBankNow adapted to their needs.

Among CaixaBankNow’s most valued functionalities are the tools that facilitate interaction between the face-to-face and online environments: for example, a customer can start the process of contracting a product in an office and finish his subscription at home, after reading comfortably upload the documentation in your personal area of ​​digital banking. Or vice versa: a person can search for information about a certain product on the online channel and, finally, end up hiring through their usual agency or through a 100% remote manager who calls at the time they prefer. CaixaBank’s digital banking also facilitates communication with branch managers, by message on the “Wall” or by videoconference, and allows for face-to-face appointments with direct visualization of your manager’s agenda in real time.

CaixaBankNow was elected the best mobile banking application for individuals in Western Europe by global finance in 2021, 2020 and 2018; and the world in 2019. In addition, in 2022, the American magazine global finance distinguished CaixaBank this year as ‘Most Innovative Financial Institution in Western Europe 2022’ and ‘Best Digital Bank in Retail Banking in Spain 2022’, and the use of big data and artificial intelligence earned the entity the recognition of ‘Best entity in the world in data analysis and AI 2022’ at the awards Banking Innovation Awards in Quorus – Accentureamong other recognitions.