The British actress and model was photographed looking scruffy and disoriented in Los Angeles in September. She assures that she has been sober for more than four months and that she has returned to therapy after three years of absence.

Cara Delevingne (30) revealed that she got into a Rehab center after seeing herself in some shocking images last September at a Los Angeles airport, in which she appeared disoriented, disheveled and with apparent symptoms of having ingested toxic substances.

The British model and actress assured in an interview published by the magazine Vogue who reflected on his mental health issues and your struggle with addictions after his erratic public appearances caused concern among his followers and those around him.

Delevingne, who is the cover of April issue of the magazine, confesses in the interview that she was not “prepared” to face her demons until she fell into a “bad place”. “I already had some kind of intervention, but I wasn’t prepared. That’s the problem”, says the model, who also confesses thatand “haven’t seen a therapist in three years. I just pushed everyone away, which made me realize how bad it was.”

In the interview, Delevingne does not shy away from any subject about her mental health or her addictions and guarantees that she already more than four months sober, He has returned to therapy after a three-year absence and regularly attends meetings as part of a 12-step program for dealing with his addiction.

After killing it as a model, the British woman made the jump to the cinema where she has also already triumphed, but some images captured at Van Nuys airport, in Los Angeles, without shoes, spinning around and looking very dirty they did skip alarms about your status.

A few weeks after those photos, however, she appeared radiant at a Paris Fashion Week event for a collaboration honoring Karl Lagerfeld. Were the headlines exaggerated?, her followers wondered.

Delevingne did not escape the bulge and guaranteed that These photos made him very embarrassed. and turned him away from the drugs and alcohol he had used for so long as an escape route to face the deeper personal issues he had been avoiding.

The model and actress explains that on that day They picked it up after returning from the Burning Man festival. “I hadn’t slept and I wasn’t feeling well,” he says. “It’s heartbreaking because I thought I was having fun. (…) “Sometimes you need to realize reality, so in a way I’m grateful for these photos.”

After the episode at the airport in California, British tabloids compared her to her mother, Pandora, 63, who suffers from a bipolar disorder and has been addicted to heroin. The childhood of Delenvigne and her sisters was not easy because it was marked by Your mother’s continued absences, who went into rehabilitation. For years she blamed him for her problems. “I was mad at her, but it wasn’t her fault… The way addiction took my mom away from me was brutal, and it was brutal to her too.”

To remember his first experience with alcohol abuse when he was seven years old, in a wedding. At age 10, he was given sleeping pills and diagnosed with dyspraxia, a disorder that affects movement and coordination. “This was the start of my mental health issues. and involuntary self-mutilation,” he recalls. His therapy sessions also began there.

At age 15, he suffered a nervous breakdown. and he was prescribed antidepressants to help deal with his profound sense of isolation. “I hadn’t discovered the fucking hole in there, the real whirlpool in there. And I still think there’s a part of the diagnosis that’s harmful.” Now, he says, “I’m more of a naturalist, a purist in a sense, when it comes to medication.”

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