Women are clear protagonists of social networks. According to a 2022 study by Personality Media, 94% of women follow influencers on social media. And not only that, but there are more content creators than creators.

This has its positive side, as it is a great showcase for the claim, the naturalization of the woman’s body and the break with those taboos that have haunted women, such as menstruation or menopause. But the greater the presence, the greater the harassment and the greater the social pressure.

According to the study ‘Young people and harassment on social networks’ by the Ministry of Equality, 80% of women have already suffered some type of harassment on social networks. Something that in the case of influencers increases.

The four protagonists of this report, despite dedicating themselves to areas as different from each other as sport, agriculture, education and lifestyle, agree that despite the negative aspects they may have, social networks are undoubtedly a magnificent showcase to give voice to women and their demands. And everyone also agrees that this voice can help put an end to certain pressures they suffer that they don’t need to suffer, like having gray hair, their weight or even how they manage their motherhood.

“Part of the fight that we women who are on social media have been doing has to do with normalizing and not hiding. For example, when I had my baby girl, right after she started socializing, I had to give her a bottle and as soon as a bottle appeared in the picture, she had a hard time. It was judging for judging. Now there is not so much. There is more respect and more sisterhood”, explains the najerina

Olga García Ojeda, Author of @vivircongusto, he says that on Instagram alone he has more than 160,000 followers.

Olga, with children Manuel and Alejandra /


As another great positive point, Olga points out that social networks are one of those areas “where women break that glass ceiling. We work harder, we are more sought after and more valued. And not only among accountants, but in all those companies dedicated to marketing and communication, where the vast majority are women.

“Women on social networks work harder, look for us more and we are more valued”

Olga Garcia Ojeda | @vivircongusto

“What I see is that in general men have a more business objective”

Mylena Ferreira | @huertox

Something you also defend

belen lostwhose @belenlosalvador account reaches more than 92,000 people: “In other professions there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve equality, but on social networks we are even more powerful than they are.”

The superficiality that undoubtedly accompanies the world of social media, with filters and perfection as flags, is increasingly attacked by the tendency to normalize things like gray hair, cellulite or belly. “Because many of us say that having a belly is normal, it will be seen as normal”, explains Olga.

And not only is there machismo on the part of those who use the networks, but the algorithm itself. A clear example is what happened to Olga with her daughter, whose photo without a bikini top at the age of three caused her account to be hidden, with the damage that entails. Something that would not have happened if the protagonist had been her son. “They both have three-year-old bodies. Men’s and women’s bodies shouldn’t be differentiated at such a young age,” she adds.

«Women and men have a way of living and seeing things differently. Social networks help us find another being that looks like us and we identify with their problems and concerns. It’s important to look for ways to build empathy and connection,” she explains.

Mylena Ferreira, a Brazilian resident of Logroño whose @huertox account dedicated to taking care of her garden has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram alone. Mylena highlights women’s ability to communicate: “What I see is that men have a more entrepreneurial objective. They share less about their lives and worries.”

In his case, that negative part of the networks that implies hatred or machismo does not suffer so much. Quite the contrary, as it is a meeting point, comfort and advice for those who also have a garden and are facing difficulties. But he lives partly in real life: «Keep in mind that almost everyone who surrounds my garden is older men and they see me, half their age, a woman and farming in a different way. Well, they can’t help but tell me that something isn’t done that way and that I’m doing it wrong. But I am always polite and I tell them that I take note of the advice ». Something that Belén also defends: «It’s not bad to have haters because from education, they can help us and give us ideas, or points of view that can help us».

“Women are more multitasking. On the networks, we see more that woman who is a leader »

Elisa Riveres | @elisariveres

«In other professions there is still a lot to be done, but in social networks we are more powerful»

Bethlehem Losada | @belenlosalvador

Also for Mylena, social networks are a loudspeaker. “If a woman who has been abused tells and explains how she got out of there, she can help others achieve that,” she adds.

The profiles dedicated to health and sport managed by women are undoubtedly another of the great veins of social networks. “I don’t know if it’s because of our communication skills, but I feel that women are much more present on social networks”, explains the potter.

Elisa Riveres, with nearly 12,000 followers on Instagram (@elisariveres). «Women are more multitasking and on networks we see a lot of that protagonist who takes care of everything. Until now that successful woman seemed to be just the managerial mega-entrepreneur, but we are seeing that there are many entrepreneurs who can serve as an example for other women who want to follow the same path, ”she adds.

This trainer also sees that this superficiality and this pressure that exists in social networks in relation to women’s physique is changing: «We see more and more creators showing real bodies. Some out of conviction and others because they are aware that it is something that now comes a lot. In any case, it’s a positive thing. He no longer sells just the perfect. There is a relaxation ». When it comes to creating content, she does not deny that, although sport is for everyone, women have more specific fields, such as pregnancy or postpartum, in which they can act.

The four agree with the power that women have conquered on social networks and with the sorority that they observe more and more among their followers.