It’s a real hurricane. every time Carlos Alcaraz He leaps onto the court, the spectators know they are about to witness something magnificent and the rivals know that no matter what they do, unless they are touched by a magic wand, they will have to bite the dust. happened to Facundo Bagnis in the previous round and it also happened dusan lajovic in the third round of Miami Master 1000. [Alcaraz – Lajovic: narración y estadísticas del partido]

The Spaniard won in straight sets (6-0, 7-6 [5]) and is already in the round of 16 of the tournament without giving up a single set. After a first set that had no history due to the clear superiority of the Murcian, the second had much more crumbs and even some ups and downs on the part of Alcaraz, but in the tiebreak he returned to bring his best version to continue with a firm step in Miami .

If in the previous game he hardly managed to show his best game or dispute long and competitive points, this time, as expected, Dusan Lajovic put him to the test. This was also appreciated by the student of Juan Carlos Ferrerowho knows that as the qualifying rounds progress, the level of the rivals will be much more demanding and to face them he will have to have his best feelings.

fly again

Alcaraz knocked Facundo Bagnis off the court a few days ago and did the exact same thing to Lajovic in the first set. A script drawn up, as if nothing had changed. A break to whet your appetite right at the beginning of the game and an irredeemable chain of games against which the one on the other side of the track could do nothing.

The Murciano exudes energy, desire and positivity on the court, and this was reflected as soon as the rally began. Lajovic saw how in the blink of an eye he had lost his first serve and some images from the previous Alcaraz match inevitably came to mind. He knew the Spaniard had caricatured his rival before, so it was in his head not to go through that same experience.

Alcaraz, in acrobatic position.


He did not understand. FOR Carlos It was difficult for him, but he managed to consolidate the break with the service to go up 2-0, but not happy with that, he broke Lajovic’s service again soon after. This time the Spaniard was winning with more rhythm, continuity and even winners than in the previous game, so he really liked it.

The Murcian made his third consecutive break of serve and succeeded against a Lajovic who didn’t quite know what to do. The Serb, number 76 in the world, couldn’t explain it to him, that he saw a beardless 19-year-old run over him. This first set lasted 32 minutes, a sign that everything was going well and Alcaraz didn’t want any contemplations.

The second sleeve was very different. Things weren’t so easy for Carlos Alcaraz because Lajovic connected and knew how to do much more face than in the previous set. Despite everything, he couldn’t prevent the Spaniard from doing his part again in the second service and starting to unbalance the score in his favor.

Alcaraz celebration gesture.


The number 1 in the world consolidated the break with the score of 3 to 1 and from then on the match went into an exchange of blows and games without anyone being able to do anything to break the other’s serve. Everything came to 5-4 in favor of Carlos Alcaraz. He had everything going for him to close out the match with his serve, but then, quite unexpectedly, Lajovic took the break back.

The Serbian took advantage of 4 unforced errors by Carlos to take the game and added 6 to his locker. The resolution came in the tiebreak. There, the pupil of Juan Carlos Ferrero raised the level again and closed the confrontation with a left blow that left Lajovic and the Miami crowd speechless.