Every time Carmen Lomana appears, let’s see each other with which look surprises us because we are sure it will inspire us. She, who is synonymous with elegance and good taste, knows exactly what to wear for every occasion. Something that also goes through her manicure. That’s what we focus on now, because the short nail design she’s been using is the most requested color by the 60’s this spring and will continue to be in the summer.

Carmen Lomana’s style – VIDEO

toe nail color trends

Carmen Lomana showed that short nails are not incompatible with elegance. The opposite! In this 2023, short nail designs are very popular and this is something we love because it is super comfortable. yes, beyond the nails are round The result could not be more flattering. To be more beautiful than ever, it is essential to choose well what color to wear them. Carmen used them in a beautiful pink, elegant, modern and very easy to maintain, which we will tell you all about below.

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