We’ve all had a moment in our lives where there’s a game we want to play, but our PC doesn’t meet the requirements, or if we can play it, it’s fatal. It is here that we have to make the decision if we want to upgrade our PC or even buy it on console. cyberpunk 2077 with your update RT Overdrive will have very high requirements and now RED Project CD explains how the DLSS 3 implementation and path tracking in the game.

Almost 15 years ago, a game appeared that is still recognized today as one of the biggest leaps forward in terms of graphics and PC requirements. This is crisis 1which was released in 2007 and if we could get a computer capable of running at maximum graphics, the game looked much better than the others. Of course, not even PCs at the time with high-end GPUs were able to play at ultra and have a stable 60 FPS. actually the most graphics They couldn’t even keep up. Stable 30 FPS in ultra. We speak of a time when Direct X 10 It was new, there was no NVIDIA GTX or RTX and no DLSS.

CD Projekt RED explains the use of DLSS 3 and Path Tracing in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077: RT Overdrive looks like will become the new Crysisseen as a RTX 4090 can only reach 16FPS in 4K. Of course, we’re talking about native resolution, because as soon as NVIDIA released its DLSS 3we have already seen how they exceeded 100 FPS. Seeing how demanding the game is with Path Tracing and the need to activate DLSS 3 in Cyberpunk 2077, now the company has published a video where it gives details on its use.

Starting with DLSS 3, they argue that this technology is absolutely necessary for extremely demanding, high-resolution games. This is precisely the case of Cyberpunk 2077 with RT Overdrive and for this reason they have ensured that by activating this resizing we will have a much smoother experience

, lower input lag and a much higher FPS rate.

With Path Tracing we have more realism in lights, shadows and reflections

Regarding the differences of having DLSS 3 disabled, enabling and finally adding Frame Generation, we can see the changes in capture. It probably won’t be very good, but we suggest that without DLSS goes to 37 FPSwith DLSS 3 performance activated goes to 90FPS and finally by adding the frame generator get 133FPS. Basically, it nearly quadrupled the FPS, something that matches the video NVIDIA showed us earlier.

Now that we’ve seen the impact of DLSS 3, it’s time to talk about path trackingwhich according to the developers of Cyberpunk, they call Hybrid Ray Tracing. According to CD Projekt RED, they named it that as they are replacing some of the parameters that weren’t correct. For example, shadowing caused by ambient occlusion or inaccurate lighting has now been replaced by Path Tracing. In this case, we have a more realistic rendering how would they behave tones, lights and reflections in the game.

The differences can be seen in the video, in some cases they are subtle and in others quite noticeableas in the room near the end of the video. The developers have indicated that activating RT Overdrive will consume a 40% more than RT Ultra modeso prepare your PC for the next one 11th of April.