ANDSpain is not in danger. The distance in the UEFA ranking by countries with the Premier is increasing and it will stay that way unless Real Madrid and Sevilla do what they do best, which is nothing more than winning the Champions League and the Europa League. Complicated, but not impossible. LaLiga is trading down after the eliminations of Atlético, Barcelona, ​​​​​​Villarreal, Betis and Real Sociedadquite the opposite of the sudden awakening of Serie A with three teams in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, plus two in Europa League with Roma and Mourinho’s Juventus, plus Fiorentina in the Conference.

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you have to remember that the top four countries (associations) in the ranking have four teams qualified for the Champions League, while the fifth and sixth have three. So Spain and its four European Cup berths are safe… for now.

The ranking of club coefficients by association is based on the results of clubs from each association in the previous five editions of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The ranking determines the number of places assigned to each federation in future editions. of UEFA club competitions.

This is how they score points:

  • 2 – All group stage wins (UCL, UEL, UECL)
  • 1 – All wins in qualifying and play-off matches (Champions, Europe and Conference)
  • 1 – All group stage ties (Champions, Europe and Conference)
  • 0.5 – All draws in qualifying matches and play-offs (Champions, Europe and Conference)
  • 4 – Bonus for participating in the group stage (Champions)
  • 4 – Bonus for participation in the round of 16 (Champions)
  • 4 – Group winner (Europe)
  • 2 – Second group (Europe)
  • 2 – Group Winner (Conference)
  • 1 – Second group (UECL)
  • 1 – Every matchday reached by clubs since round of 16 (Champions, Europe and Conference)

Once the Round of 16 of European competitions is over, the Premier continues to exercise its tyranny despite repeated efforts by Real Madrid eliminating English teams such as Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool have already done so consecutively on two occasions, including the final.

England accumulates 106,427 points (The results of the last five years are accumulated). Spain is the second country with 90,855 points. Germany and Bundesliga occupy the third position with 81,731 points and Italy is in fourth place and clearly rising with 77,211.

The transalpine country has already added more points with three rounds left in the year than those conquered last season, but it is the second country after intractable England. Spain, with 14,428 points, is fourth in this year’s quarter. Italy and England are the only countries with participation in the three competitions.

The championship that is in danger is the French, as the Netherlands lurk as a result of the repeated failures of PSG and the other French teams. Fifth place is up for grabs. Watch out for Belgium with three teams in the quarterfinals. One in Europe (Union Saint Gilloise) and two in the Conference (Ghent and Anderlecht).