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Jonatan Giráldez’s Barça achieved an important victory by minimums in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The blaugrana defeated Roma in a game in which they felt in the first half, but in which they ended up suffering in the final moments.

Salma Paralluelo scored the only goal of the match. She has been Barça’s most outstanding player along with Sandra Paños, who has avoided a draw on two occasions. Return is played next week on Spotify Camp Nou.

These are the SPORT ratings

SANDRA PAÑOS (Salvadora, 8):

In a game clearly dominated by Barça, he barely had to intervene in the first half, but he had to be attentive to the Italians’ counterattacks. More demanded in the final minutes, saving the tie with two great defenses.

LUCY BRONZE (Dangerous, 6):

A winger without much work in defense, he has been responsible for creating danger from set pieces, entering several times to finish with his head and staying close to the goal.

WALLS (Silence, 6):

Despite having taken some scares in some turns, he has played a very calm game in the first half, since it was almost always played in Italian territory. Well, when he had to go to the crossroads, he had to draw water in the final minutes.

MAPI LEÓN (Secure, 6):

Good game from the Aragonese defender, who has been joining the attack a lot, dividing in the back areas. She was in charge of executing set pieces.

ROLFÖ (Offensive, 6):

He has been playing on the left flank, which he has been running tirelessly, being one of the offensive assets of Giráldez’s team. Good understanding with Salma Paralluelo.

WALSH (Builder, 6):

She has been tasked with leading the team under pressure. He got it in the first half and not so much in the second. The ball has passed a lot through their domains.


She always has clear ideas and is once again the footballer who has played the most games close to the rival area. She’s been stepping in the Roma area a lot looking for the goal, but she hasn’t found the goal.

PATRI GUIJARRO (Elegant, 7):

Very good play by the Barça midfielder helping Walsh to build and taking the ball close to the rival area. He has been looking for the goal from outside the area.

GRAHAM HANSEN (wasting away, 6):

The Norwegian is now fully recovered and that is good news for Barca. He has shown good technique and the ability to cross on the right, making good crosses and looking for the shot. It was less in the second half.

OSHOALA (Desperate, 6):

He has insistently sought the goal, especially in the second half. Three dangerous shots in a quarter of an hour that did not end in a goal thanks to the good work of the Italian goalkeeper and the success of a defense that avoided the goal over the line. She got desperate.

PARALLUELO (top scorer, 8):

Barça’s most dangerous player. It has been a nightmare for the Italians on the left flank, brimming with speed. He opened the scoring with a beautiful left footed shot. His first Champions League goal.

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GEYSE (Incisor, 5):

He pressured the local ball, but it didn’t come into play.

ENGEN (Lost, 5):

When he entered is when Roma squeezed the most, suffering when the ball is released.

CRNOGORCEVIC (Willingly, 5):

He came on in the late part of the game but failed to capitalize on his speed.

TORREJÓN (Awarded, SC):

Final minutes for the captain.

BRUNA (Deposition, SC):

It’s time for the discount.